Monday, December 5, 2011

A Special Christmas Soiree {Project 3}

It's time for our 3rd project for our Special Christmas Soiree!!
 This week is all about sharing how you and your family capture, celebrate Christmas.  
The first thing that came to my mind was the famous picture with Santa.  

Yep this is me and my big sis!  Look how pretty she looks!
And this is us with our younger brothers. Kinda funny that my youngest brother is wrapped in a pink blanket!
Both these photos were taken at banks.  Even though these are the only two Santa pics my mom has I'm thankful for them!  Look at the Christmas memories captured!!

Christmas has got to be the holiday with the most traditions...advent, Santa pics, parades, plays, programs, the tree, cards, special treats,etc, etc.  New or old they're what we use to make the best memories possible.  I've already praised Truth in the Tinsel as our advent tradition this year.  Well I also wanted to do an Elf on the Shelf. You adopt an Elf, name him, talk to him, be good because he is watching.  Then at night when the kids go to bed he flies  back to the North Pole and reports to Santa.  In the morning he's in a new location. It's been a little challenging because Lil' Hunkie wanted to hold Buddy...he's named after my sister's dog not the hilarious movie Buddy the Elf!  So Buddy's been doing a good job at staying up out of reach.....
After night 1....
...went straight to the candy dish!

Night 2...found Bullseye!

And night 3...trying to be an angel on top of my pole tree!

I'm having a ton of fun with our new traditions!!  And Lil' Hunkie is loving all the decorations and lights.  We've already driven through the neighbor several times to "Oh" and "petty"!

So what's your favorite traditions?  How do you and your family capture Christmas!?
Share away!! I'm excited to see...I just might need to adopt one of yours!

Happy Monday!



Gen said...

ADORABLE pics! Thanks for a great party! Cheers,

Marilyn said...

Awww, great beautiful photos Jenn, too adorable..You guys look so Jolly :)) ..I L O V E your elf..weeeeee<~ Happy squealing!! Lol...Awesome post:))..xoxo

Lindsay said...

I LOVE those old pictures! You guys are so sweet! And The Elf on the Shelf idea is so fun with the kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Oh girlie, you can hardly tell the blanket is pink haha. Anyways, I love old photos like that. Something to always be cherished.

Jennifer @Miss Maggie's Place said...

Awww I love these pictures. They are sooo sweet.I bet your Mom was a busy lady. :0 I hardly keep up with my 2 kids. :)

Kelsey said...

I love the Elf on a Shelf! A coworker was telling me the other day how her daughter likes to get out of bed in the middle of the night and get a snack or play. They got Elf on a Shelf and her daughter no longer leaves bed. It's cute!