Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guest Post-Pandora's Craft Box

I'm excited to have a Guest today!!
Loren from Pandora's Craft Box! 
 Loren has a fun series going on right now, The 12 Days of Christmas,
where she is sharing her Christmas projects and spirit.  And today she is sharing Day 5.
Please welcome Loren!

Hi everyone, I am Loren from Pandora's Craft Box. I am very excited to be a guest blogger at Vintage Gwen. I am a NY City girl stuck in Texas trying not to go crazy as I  try to adjust to a stay at home career. I am blogging my DIY projects to avoid insanity and in the process raising a cute little boy. I hope you all join me in my journey! 

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me... Darth Vader  with a Dear Santa Notebook!!
Has you can see Darth Vader is checking my son's Dear Santa letter to make sure very thing is correct. Actually I wrote the letter because my son is too young to write to Santa, Darth Vader let is slide this time.
Today we are making a cute little Dear Santa Notebook. I thought it would be nice to make one every year for my son who is one now. As he grows I will keep one for my scrapbooking. You might be asking how can you keep it if they would want to send it out to Santa. I've developed a plan... I will let him right two letters, one to send to Santa and one for Santa to review once he stops by our home to drop off the gifts. Santa has many houses to visit and we would not want Santa to forget anything! (haha).  Will it work? I don't know but I will let you know in a few years. However, my hubby tells me it won't work but I am more optimistic. Why would mommy lie? hehe
Now on to the tutorial! 
1. Chip board (can be found at a scrapbooking store or you can use a cereal box)
2. Xacto knife ( scissor will work too)
3. Holiday Fabric
4. Color paper of your choosing
5.Fabric glue
6. Glue 
7. Score board
8. Ruler
9. Bone folder
10. Tim Holtz Distress Ink ( festive berrie)
11. Blending tool
12. Your Child
13. 8x11 white paper

The first thing you will need to to is cut out the shape you would want to use for the cover of your notebook.  Oh and by the way that is my hubby's hairy arms in the picture and not mine :) I am using chipboard but you can use the card board of the cereal box.

I decided to use a hexagon shape for my notebook.  Once cut you will need to cut an 8x11 white piece of paper in half. In the picture above you will see that initially I wanted to use color paper but I would have been a little difficult for the hand writing to be noticeable because of the dark color. So I decided to use white instead.

Now the fun part will need to take a ruler and measure the top of the page by 1 cm, 2.5cm and 1cm all the way down the page. Lightly mark the top of the page with pencil.  When you reach the end of the page you will need to do the same to the bottom. However the measure measurements are 2.5 cm, 1cm and 2.5 cm all the way down the page again.


Now the scoring board will come in handy. Score each dot you did with the opposite dot at the bottom.  Your page should look like the picture above. The lines should not be completely straight. 

When you finish scoring you can start folding the line back and forth.  

 For now you can put the page aside. You will need to measure your chipboard cover to be able to cut out the correct size of fabric to cover it. After that you can glue the fabric to the chipboard with fabric glue.

You will also need to cut out card-stock that will compliment the fabric. The card stock will need to be just little bit small in size to be glued on the edges of the fabric.


 It should look like the picture above.  Easy right!

As you might already know this is my favorite part. Take your distress ink and blending tool and add some color to the edge of the page you put aside earlier.  I also took shaping scissors and cut the edges to make it look like letter.

Then just glue each end to the covers of your book and you are done!
Now you have your very own Dear Santa Notebook.

I hope you enjoyed the fifth day of Christmas.
Please leave a comment, I would love to hear from you on projects you liked or projects you might like to see!!!
Thank you Vintage Gwen for having me!!
Till Later,

What a fun tradition!! And what a fun series to celebrate Christmas!
Make sure and check out Loren and her 12 Days of Christmas series!
Thanks Loren, fantastic job!

Happy Thursday!

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