Friday, September 27, 2013

Chic Couture-September Beauty Boxes

Happy Friday!
Hope your day is better than mine! I've been suffering from major allergies and well frankly have been miserable! I'm a little better today but man it sure isn't fun! I love fall just wished it didn't come with ragweed!
On to some fun stuff! September Beauty Boxes!

Again I chose the beauty product box and added on the one polish I thought was the coolest. I have yet to be so impressed to get an entire collection.  Maybe Christmas time will be it!
The primer is good and the cleansing oil is Oh My Goodness good! I've been using it at night only and I absolutely love it for taking off eye makeup! More than likely I will purchase this again.
The polish is Reece and and while it is pretty...a holographic purple chipped easily. I do tend to put on thick coats, I've heard thin coats may last longer...just takes practice.  Have any tips?

Great bag again! This month came with a sample of Em makeup, it's Michelle Phan's new line. And well I wasn't too impressed.  The quality was ok but the colors are ones I have already. This was my first Cailyn product, a red lip balm that you apply with a brush...loved it! And I can't wait to use the masks! Mascara and eyeliner are good and I do like Nyx but I got Charcoal eyeshadow which I feel I have plenty of that in all my Urban Decay palettes so I gave it away!

Favorite thing out of Birchbox this month...the Ruffian polish in Delirium! It's a pretty metallic grape, but it did stain my nails.  After about a day it wore off, but I still like it! I bet it might stamp well! I'll have to experiment! The lip gloss is yum! And I have yet to use the other products.  Overall I was pleased!

These are always bright spots for the month!
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Show & Share #111

Hello Lovelies!!
Finally we have cooled off here in Oklahoma and I'm lovin' it!
Hope you're having a great week so far!

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As always, thanks for being here!!
Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Vintage Gwen Chapel-2013 Retreat Recap

Last weekend was my church's annual ladies fall retreat.  We stayed a little closer to home this year with a new location in Choteau, Ok.  Camp Christian had plenty of room for our 26 ladies and even had good ole' Amish cooking! How can you beat that?

This year I had the honor of speaking during one of the devotion times, the final slot of Sunday morning to be exact! My pastor requested I read the classic "A Woman After God's Own Heart" by Elizabeth George.  Well I waited too close to the retreat and had to finish it while on the retreat! I wanted it to be fresh in my mind which meant I had to rely more so on the Lord to show me what to share out of it.  Let me just tell you....the book is still relevant today!! When I finished, I started to make notes on what I wanted to share and God stopped me quick....I was going to try and share everything I had highlighted.....which was a lot! I crumpled that paper up and let the Lord speak.  Share what you got out of it....what ministered to you the most is what I heard the Lord say. And do you know, the ladies ate it up! I was so worried it wouldn't be powerful enough! Silly Jennifer! It so was and I'm so thankful that several ladies are now reading the book! And I had no idea that after this book that the author wrote other books that are more in depth like "A Wife After God's Own Heart" which I bought yesterday and can't wait to get into it! So I highly recommend Elizabeth George!
One of the best things about our retreat is personal ministry.  We've invented the "Hot Seat". It was actually started on one of our mission trips to Mexico!  If you need prayer for anything or just want prayer then in the Hot Seat you go. Saturday after our Holy Hoe Down (we had a costume contest for best cowgirl/pioneer woman get up and did some line dancing! Total fun!!), we got the Hot Seat time started and then after I spoke the next morning we gave the ladies one more chance.  All but 2 had a round in the seat with a few going twice. And here's the reason I'm writing this today( & so I can remember!)................God used me in prayer time more than He ever has before! It was unbelievable how much I was able to just keep pouring out. God showed up mighty! And I'm so thankful that those ladies wanted me to have a turn.  My spiritual confidence was more than renewed and confirmed for me.  Especially when the hand of God touched me.  One of the ladies had touched the top of my head when they started praying for me but as they kept praying I felt like the hand got a little bigger and I opened my eyes and she wasn't touching me anymore.....more praying....opened my eyes again and actually touched my own head to confirm that there was no human hand on my head! My friend who was in front of me knew something was up and actually said... no one is touching your head! Ahhh.....I have no words! To have the Almighty confirm that you are His powerhouse with His hand.....well it's a turning point for sure! And I'm so thankful!! What a great work God is doing in me and for me! And for all our ladies too! I can't wait to see God work! 
And guess what else?  God wasn't done.  He's never done! At our Monday morning prayer time my pastor gave me a word from the Lord! More confirmation of what He is doing in me! Overwhelmed might be an understatement!  Actually I think God was replenishing my reservoir.  Read Jeremiah 17: 7-8. We must be storing up always so that even in drought we never fail to bear fruit!!
Praying the Lord is replenishing you today!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Coffee Themed Coffee Mug Gift

Ok I know what you might be thinking...what exactly is a Coffee Themed Coffee Mug! Well it's a mug that has all coffee related/themed items inside! Of course you can fill a mug with all kinds of things but I wanted to stick to all coffee items. I actually used these as bunco prizes! 

Owl Mug-from Michael's!
NYC Lipstick in Cafe
Salon Perfect Nail Polish in Cafe Ole-both from Walmart
Turtle Biscotti -from my local grocery store
Starbucks VIA Pumpkin Spice coffee packet-from Target

See what I did with the lipstick and polish? Coffee colors!!

I love how they turned out and they were a hit with the bunco winners!!

Happy Thursday!!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Show & Share #110

Man what a weekend I had!! I'm still trying to catch up on rest from it! 
I'll be recapping our Ladies Fall Retreat on Saturday!
Hope you'll join me!

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Thanks for being here ladies!!
Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gift Wrap Organization

Happy Thursday!!
 One more day and I get to enjoy a gal's weekend!
It's time for my church's ladies fall retreat and man am I ready!!
 I recently added a gift wrap corner in my craft room and initially shared it at Today's Creative Blog.
Please tell me I'm not the only gift wrapaholic out there!!
It wasn't until I started organizing all that I had that I realized I might have an issue! It was a total mess before and I'd have to dig to find tissue paper and then couldn't really tell what all bags I had.  Well now that I'm organized I've made a goal.  To not buy any more until I use up most of what I have! Although places like the Target Dollar Spot will be challenging!

First thing I did was buy a narrow bookcase from Kmart (about $70). There is a similar one at Ikea for about $60 but there's not an Ikea in Oklahoma.  And Kmart offered free shipping! I wanted a narrow one because I wanted to use this corner in my craft room.  The cart I found at my church.  It was just sitting in a spare office collecting dust so I asked if no one claimed it during some clean up if I could have it and was thrilled to bring it home! And the only other things I bought were the navy plastic tub and navy wire trash can from the Dollar tree.  Keeping with how I decorated my craft room I found a file organizer and basket to spray paint pink.  And here's what's what......

I do have some shred and small boxes tucked in the cube to the right of the cart. 

And of course I had to do something on the top of the shelf.  All items I had I just pulled them together!
I did make the sign in the white wire frame in PicMonkey.  

It's so nice having it all organized. Now to use it all!

You lovelies have a great weekend!!

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Show & Share #109 & Features

Yay for Wednesday!! It's been a busy week for me and will continue to be busy! Headed out of town on our ladies fall retreat this weekend and I'm not ready! 
Loved all the links from last week!
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Thanks for being here Lovelies!!
Happy Wednesday!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Chic Couture-Favorite Hair Products

Happy Friday lovelies! I gotta say...yay for September!! Although it's still hot here in Oklahoma! Boo! I'm ready for fall! Anyone else?
Wanted to share some hair products I've been loving lately. For the most part my hair falls into the normal category.  My ends do tend to be a little dry and then it is colored.  I waited for as long as I could before coloring my hair.  I was born with a blonde streak as my birth mark so I have my own 'highlights' although as I got older it isn't as prevalent. And who knows how much grey I have!!

I got this in an Ipsy bag and love it! It gives volume and texture.  I use this on one roots at my crown.  Yes my friends I'm a poufer! I have a really round face and so I need volume or else I look like a melon head! 
I use this on days I wash my hair only and even though I brush my hair out at night I don't need it for second day hair.  

I got a sample size of this in a Birchbox and fell in love at first smell! The best way I can describe it is the smell of a sweet beach.  Works great as a detangler. And has added softness to my dry ends! I did use some points to purchase a full size which is $21.95.  I know that's high compared to drug store brands but comparable to salon I'm thinking.  Since I don't wash my hair everyday it should last a while. 

So if I'm a poufer then's a given that I love hairspray. I've been using Freeze It for awhile.  It's about a $5 gold can that I first found at Walmart. Enter my husband. He refuses to do our shopping at Walmart. And of course the grocery store doesn't carry it! So thank goodness Target had it.  Yeah, had it. Walgreens had it too. I know, I know all this for hairspray but you must understand....if I'm gonna pouf then it needs to stay poufed! So what did I do? Went and found one that I love that can only be gotten in Tulsa! Oh well since this stuff is worth the trip! I was skeptical because I have tried other high dollar hairsprays with no luck. I paid $17 for this and while that is 3 times more than I was spending I'm impressed with the results.  I have had more consistent good hair days with this stuff! Before I'd have to 'work' at getting the pouf just right....spray...rearrange...spray...rearrange. Not so with Kenra! To me, it's worth the price. I just wished I could order it online!

So there you have it! My favorite hair products right now.  
Ever used any of these? Let me know!

Have a happy day!!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Show & Share #108 & Features

Happy Wednesday!
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So lovely! And there's 2 other ways to wear pearls in your hair that are a must see!

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Thanks for being here!! I appreciate each one of you!