Friday, September 27, 2013

Chic Couture-September Beauty Boxes

Happy Friday!
Hope your day is better than mine! I've been suffering from major allergies and well frankly have been miserable! I'm a little better today but man it sure isn't fun! I love fall just wished it didn't come with ragweed!
On to some fun stuff! September Beauty Boxes!

Again I chose the beauty product box and added on the one polish I thought was the coolest. I have yet to be so impressed to get an entire collection.  Maybe Christmas time will be it!
The primer is good and the cleansing oil is Oh My Goodness good! I've been using it at night only and I absolutely love it for taking off eye makeup! More than likely I will purchase this again.
The polish is Reece and and while it is pretty...a holographic purple chipped easily. I do tend to put on thick coats, I've heard thin coats may last longer...just takes practice.  Have any tips?

Great bag again! This month came with a sample of Em makeup, it's Michelle Phan's new line. And well I wasn't too impressed.  The quality was ok but the colors are ones I have already. This was my first Cailyn product, a red lip balm that you apply with a brush...loved it! And I can't wait to use the masks! Mascara and eyeliner are good and I do like Nyx but I got Charcoal eyeshadow which I feel I have plenty of that in all my Urban Decay palettes so I gave it away!

Favorite thing out of Birchbox this month...the Ruffian polish in Delirium! It's a pretty metallic grape, but it did stain my nails.  After about a day it wore off, but I still like it! I bet it might stamp well! I'll have to experiment! The lip gloss is yum! And I have yet to use the other products.  Overall I was pleased!

These are always bright spots for the month!
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