Monday, September 1, 2014

A Tour Through Blogland with Vintage Gwen

Hey there! It's Monday and I have a treat for you!
I was invited to participate in some blogging fun called A Tour Through Blogland. Basically this tour is a way to get to know bloggers better and I thought it'd be fun AND I get to share a little about a few of my favorite bloggers! Before I share about Vintage Gwen let me introduce you to the fabulous Bethany of Pitter and Glink, who invited me to the tour. 

Bethany is one of my favorite bloggers because she is just so dang creative! All of her crafts and diys always leave me smiling.  Creativity seems like it comes with ease to her and I so admire that! She makes everything look effortless, she builds furniture even!! She made this vintage table! This is one of most  favorite projects of hers and repinned images (and hers too I'm sure!) fun is this makeup pouch? I could seriously rave about Bethany all day long! Be sure and visit her blog!
And now let me share a little and answer the tour questions.
1. What are you currently working on?
The answer really makes me sad a little...nothing in particular! I have so many home projects I need to do and finish it's not even funny.  I have a 3rd bedroom that needs to be cleaned out, I'd like to finish my bedroom by hanging curtains and photos, I have photos to add to my gallery wall and I recently bought a new bed frame that's going to need to be painted. I"ll just be honest, if there are 'life things' going on then I don't get to create.  And there's been some 'life things' going on lately.  My youngest brother got remarried and we just gave them a reception, Lil' Hunkie just started PreK but then there's some 'life things' coming up like a ladies retreat and a bridal shower.  So it's all about juggling! 
I'm hoping the next thing I get to work on is my bed frame!

2. How does your work differ from others of its genre?
Whoa! Talk about the hardest question of all time!!!
I totally agree with how Bethany answered this question:
 "I think everyone who blogs brings a unique perspective to the web, and while readers of a blog can easily see that blogger's uniqueness, I think it's sometimes hard for the blogger to describe that uniqueness. Some people want their blogs to fit into a certain box, but I try not to limit myself to one specific craft or project type.  I try to stay true to things that I really love, so you won't see me jumping onto any band wagons just for the heck of it."  
I love crafting. And so if I see something I'd like to try my hand at I give it a go. I want the things I share be something a reader could do, so a lot of my crafts I focus on being uncomplicated. 

3. Why do you write/create what you do?
Again, I love crafting! I was doing it long before I decided to blog about it. And I love baking and cooking and simply put I love Jesus. Oh yeah and I'm a tad bit of a beauty junkie! So I write about what I like and love. Annnd I really like writing. I almost went into fashion journalism instead of apparel merchandising in college.  Annnd it might be on my bucket list to write a children's book.  So I know that some may say a blog should have one main focus like just crafts or just recipes but I think that's a pretty small box and takes a lot of energy to maintain. 

4.  How does your writing/creating process work?
Again such a hard question for me! First of all I like having a 'blogging calendar' to go by. So Wednesdays is always the Show & Share link party, Thursdays I try and share a craft/diy, Fridays beauty/fashion and Saturdays is Chapel (devotional type post). I fit recipes in here and there.  And sometimes special posts come along like this one! And inspiration is just about everywhere now since we have Pinterest and the magic of hashtags. One of my favorite things to do is to look through hashtags on Instagram to get ideas. Yep, I'm a visual person!
And there's always tons of great, creative, inspiring bloggers out there.  
I invited Emily to the tour and I'm so excited she accepted!

Emily is a  hip creator let me tell ya! I love the simple, yet modern spin she puts on things. Her and her hubby are currently remodeling their home and it's going to be so rad when they are done! Just look at what they've got going on in the kitchen....

And guess what else I love about Emily? She lives in Oklahoma like me and loves Jesus too!
Be sure and visit Emily at her place!

Well, hope you enjoyed my little part of the tour!
Happy Monday lovelies!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Currently at Vintage Gwen

Happy Thursday!!

Thought I'd try a new kind of post here on the blog!
It's a 'Currently' post about a few things you are currently doing or loving and sounded like fun! Some bloggers do this weekly but I think I'll do monthly. I would love to here your 'currently's' so make sure and share!

Reading: One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
Great book on how important being thankful is! 

Watching:  not a lot.  We have one TV, yes you read that right one and so if it's not a kid program then I let hubby man the control. I am looking forward to Downton Abby though!!

Listening:  Bethel's You Make Me Brave album! So, so good! Did you know that you can listen to whole albums on You Tube? You can even make your own playlists! It's what I do while I'm doing my church secretary thang!
(The title song is one of my favs!)

Making:  table signs in PicMonkey for my brother's wedding reception on Saturday!

Feeling: on the mend after having a nasty cold earlier this week.  And hopeful for our Ladies Retreat in a week!

Planning:  brother's wedding reception, Ladies Retreat, a bridal shower later in September. Oh you know the usual!

Loving:  the recent Denver memories and fun I made with my sister, friends and a special young woman who finally had her turn at getting married. Best trip ever!!

There! That made me happy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Show & Share #159

Let's just blame that little snafu on my cold!!
Thanks for the well wishes, on the mend!, on the mend!
Have you ever had a cold in the summer? Well let me tell you it's the pits!!
I guess Lil' Hunkie brought it home from school (already) and now everyone is sick!
Thank goodness it's party day to cheer me up!!

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As always thanks for being here!!
Have a happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Show & Share #158

Well today is the day! Lil' Hunkie starts Pre-K!!
This will be a whole new adventure for our family of 3! There'll be days that I will have my hubby all to myself due to his crazy work schedule! On the bright side, perhaps we'll go on more dates! We'll see!
Or maybe I'll just cry everyday because my baby is at school!

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Happy Wednesday!!
Thanks for being here!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

{Freebie} Back To School Printable

Can you believe it's Back to School time? I'm joining the ranks this year!! Lil' Hunkie is starting PreK next Wednesday!! I'm so excited and so nervous for him at the same time! 
What an adventure we're about to have!!

Of course I had to make a fun printable for this time of year!

(Gold and blue are our school colors!!)

I made this printable in PicMonkey. Surely you're not surprised! And I found that cute school house box at Design Mom via Pinterest.  This one is just paper but I printed a few on card stock to fill for teachers. There is also a house that I plan on incorporating into my brother's wedding reception and into a bridal shower!!

Just right click and save!

*This printable is for personal use only.

Hope your Back to School start was or will be a smooth one!
Happy Thursday!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Show & Share #157

 Looks like Back to School is upon us! Are you ready? Lil' Hunkie will be starting PreK in a week! Half the time I'm thinking "Yay!" and the other half  "Not yet!" Right? 

Fun party last week!

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Thanks so much for being here!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Instagram Giveaway!

Aren't birthday months the best? August is mine and I usually celebrate with an August Bash (giveaway).  Well due to my trip to Denver and some upcoming events I won't get to do it right away. Until I can, I've got a mini giveaway going on over on Instagram!! In honor of my birthday AND having 500 Instapals I'm giving away the Instagram coaster I made (in the pic above) and a $10 Itunes OR Google Play card.
(Winner's preference.)

To enter you must follow me on Instagram and then share the pic above in your feed with the hashtag #vginstalovegiveaway.  You may share as many times as you like and the giveaway will end Friday the 15th at midnight (central time). 

Should be easy to find me!!

Have fun entering!!

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