Thursday, June 30, 2011

Square Burlap Wreath

I've been wanting to change my door decoration from springy to summery.  And with Independence Day coming knew I wanted something patriotic but wanted something that I could quickly change out when the holiday was over.  What better thing then a burlap wreath!  I had just enough leftover burlap from this. 
Now I looked at the Dollar Tree and Dollar General for a wreath but couldn't find was either a really small foam circle or a wicker circle...neither was what I'd hope for. 
So I dug in a box bound for Goodwill and found these.....
....don't remember what they're for or why I had them but with a little glue it made the perfect square, well more of a rectangle!
And away I went!

wreath form of choice
hot glue gun
needle & thread
fabrics of choice
embellishments of choice
mod podge
(I had all of this on hand so 0 cost for me!)

Laid the wood pieces out to make sure I glued them correctly.

 Hot glued corners.

 Starting at a corner, glued a corner of a burlap strip to wood. And wrapped and wrapped. I used about three strips due to using leftover burlap, it wasn't quite long enough for one strip.

 Finished wrapping.

 Then made some ruffles. I believe they are about 4 inches wide.  I just took needle and thread and made long stitches along the edge.  I tied the thread to the end of the piece of burlap. (photo)

Then just pull thread to make ruffle. Easy as pie! I used 3 ruffles.

 Hot glue ruffles to back of wrapped wood frame.

 And tahdah!! Now I have an interchangeable wreath for my door! So excited!

 So now to decorate!  Took a small strip and made a 'hanger' and glued to the center of the back.

 TIP: when dealing with burlap and hot glue I use this wooden spoon to press on the burlap, saves the fingers!

Then I made 3 medallions with the red pom poms. 1 large and 2 small.

Glued felt to back of medallions and then glued on pins.

Then just pinned on the medallions! But......I think it needs a little something else.........

........welcome Lady Liberty!! Again, visited The Graphics Fairy for this beauty!

 Took a square piece of navy fabric and glued the edges.  Then mod podged Lady Liberty to the front.  Added felt and a pin to the back.

Pinned her on and yes!  LOVE it!!

I'm so excited about this!  I can't wait to make some other embellishments to change it out!!  Don't worry...I'll be showing ya when I do!!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Show and Tell-Tree of Life Jewerly

I'm excited to be showin' and tellin' Tree of Life Jewelry by Teri today!
Teri is a follow church member and wanted to share her love of jewelry with the world.  She makes some unique items and can customize anything!
Dr. Seuss Necklace

Happy Necklace

Believe Necklace

Coin Ring

These are just a few of her selection!
You can contact Teri by email at for prices and more selection!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Soiree Day-Baby Brunch

Last Saturday my mom hosted a Baby Brunch for a new "GiGi" in our church.  (We're calling her "GiGi" cause she's too young to be called Grandma!)  It wasn't anything spectacular....just simple fun.  And we got to enjoy meeting the new bundle of joy too!

The Games
We played the Clothesline game.  I didn't tell anyone that the clothesline was a game...I just went and took down everything and then said they had to write down what was on the line! There were 12 items...the winner got 9!
(Good thing the new baby is a boy...these were all of Lil' Hunkie's!)

The second game was Guess the # of "Baby" Kisses in the Jar.

The Food
I made lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, my sister brought fruit and my mom provided mini bagels with assorted cream cheeses and served strawberry lemonade.  It was all yummy!

Not only was this a gift but it also served as a centerpiece for the table!

I think simple turned out pretty special!

Happy Soiree Day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ode to the Homemade Baby Gift

Last week I found the cutest Homemade Baby Gift and had to make one for a Baby Brunch we had at my church over the weekend.
Jamie at It's All In The Details made a Diaper Cradle instead of a Diaper Cake and I think it's so much better!!  If you want to know how to make one then go check out her post!  She gives excellent instructions with photos!  And as long as you have fabric long enough to make the skirt, it's pretty easy to make!
(I only got a yard of fabric and it wasn't long enough!! I had to make two ruffles and tack them together.)

See? I was thrilled with how this turned out! I also made a burp cloth and onesie!

So I got to thinking....I've made a lot of Homemade Baby Gifts!!  It started when I saw a towel apron in a Martha Stewart magazine and some gussied up cloth diapers as burp cloths in a local boutique and thought
 "I can make that!"
And thus...Ode to the Homemade Baby Gift!

 *Diaper clutch!*

 *Diaper cake!*

These are most of what I've done.  I've also made a diaper bag,  blankets, and the covered wipes case! 
I can't help it! I like to be able to say "I made it!"
Makes it special.
And I can't wait to make another diaper cradle!!

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vintage Gwen Chapel-Hillsong United-Aftermath

Last Friday night my husband and I actually got to go out on a date! And we did one of my favorite things....a concert!  But this was not just any ole' concert! It was Hillsong United! Yeah, buddy!
Not only was it an outstanding worship service and a date with my love but it was also a much needed time of us worshiping together.  Hunkie, due to his work schedule, doesn't get to attend church regularly.  And when he does he's playing the bass guitar and I'm either singing or have nursery duty. 
So it was by far one of the best nights with 2 of my Savior and my 'the one'! (#3 of course, is Lil' Hunkie who had a blast at my sisters!)
The title of Hillsong United's latest album is Aftermath and happens to be a beautiful song of what Christ has done for us.  The revelation of 'Aftermath' is simple yet powerful.  Think about how messed up life would be without a'd look like the aftermath of a great storm.  But now think about what was accomplished on the cross...freedom from sin, healing, peace, power, truth, life everlasting.   That Aftermath is what we are to be living and breathing. 
It's all about focus. 
And choosing which aftermath you want to dwell in. 
I couldn't find an official video from Hillsong United but here's just the song with the lyrics. 
May this song bring new life to you today.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Darling Day!

Yay for Darling Day! I saw some pretty cool stuff this week and I can't wait to share!!

Um, yes please! These are probably in my future!  Compliments of Carolyn of Homework Today's Assignment:Be Inspired.

Absolutely love this idea for a vintage theme party! The Toasted Coconut used them as a favor for a Vintage Baby Girl shower!

How cool is's interchangeable!! From Bacon Time With The Hungry, Hungry Hypo.

And how about this necklace? The little clip is the perfect clasp! A genius idea from Poppies at Play!

Photos courtesy of their respective sites.

And there you have it! What great inspiration if I do say so myself!!

Happy Darling Day!