Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Show and Tell-Secret Sister Goodies

My church's ladies group has a Secret Sister program.  At the beginning of the year we draw names and who ever you draw you pray for that person.  And on occasion give them gifts or cards to let them know you're thinking of them.
Well the lady who drew my name has been so good to me!!!  I have enjoyed all the cards and gifts and truly feel special. This past Sunday she gave me a "Just Because" gift and it tickled me so much I wanted you to see!
I got my first ever bamboo plant!  Wasn't quite sure where to put it or how to take care of it! My sis said to put ice cubes in it every couple days to keep it moist.  Any other suggestions?

Yay for scrapbook paper!!  And I love the top prints!!

This is so cute!  I can't wait to preserve some family recipes with this!

And this...well I couldn't believe this!  $25 dollars!!  I offered to use it for diapers and wipes but Hunkie said I needed to use it for what I wanted! Yippee!!

All that 'just because'!  Thanks Secret Sis!! 
And here's some other things she's gotten me this year....
....scarf that I've worn a ton already!!  And cute, cute rings!  The 'globe' is my fav!!

I am truly, truly blessed!

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