Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Soiree Day-Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Yep! 40 big ones for my parents! My siblings and I put together a surprise reception in about a week and on a budget!  We're saving the budget bust for their 50th!  Ruby is representative of the 40th year of marriage...which worked out great since I had some damask paper bags and somehow I have a handful of red serving dishes! 
Here's the details:

My sister took a photo of their wedding day and made a memory scrapbook page at Walmart.com. We provided a scrapbook for people to sign and write a special note in.  The plant is a gift from our church, the sign we found at Hobby Lobby and the bucket housed the beverages. This is what guests saw when they entered the room.

Used Coke products to stick with our red and silver theme!  I covered the water bottles with a strip from the damask paper bags! (I took this photo afterwards! And the rest were taken in a hurry right before guests showed up!)

This table has got to be the oddest shaped table ever! It's big for one thing and kinda rounded in the middle! I had to use 2 plastic white tablecloths and then used a piece of fabric down the center.  I had hoped to use the board from Lil' Hunkie's party as a backdrop but my red streamer ruffles didn't work out covering up the blue! Gotta roll with the punches sometimes!

The '40' came from Hobby Lobby and I thought it a nice little token to give to my mom.  The photos are actually mine! And I think real flowers always adds a nice touch.

As I said in yesterday's post, for the goodies we made family/childhood favorites.  My dad LOVES Whoppers! We had the hardest time figuring out what to put them in!  Finally used a Dixie size cup, and added a heart sticker.  The stand is actually just a heart platter ($2.50 in the Target $1 section at Valentine's time this year!) sitting on top of a candle stick!
The frames came from the Dollar Tree and I made the labels.

Here's the damask paper bags trimmed down.  Added white ones to break up the red a little.  Used some good ole $1 trays for serving!  When we were growing up we'd make sweet popcorn as a snack...it's just butter and sugar....much sweeter than kettle corn!

Get the recipe for Potato Candy here.

Rock and Roll cookies or probably better known as No Bake cookies! I have no idea where 'Rock and Roll' came from but it's what we called them!  One of my favs and so easy to make!

Our famous Sugar cookies!  My sister and I made these so often growing up that people actually buy them from my sister now!  She's better at making them then I am!  We wanted guests to have a favor and thought it perfect!  We had made a special label at Walmart.com but didn't get them in time...sis improvised and managed to at least get their pic on there!

Mini Red Velvet cupcakes...made them with my Babycakes maker!  Used some initial picks from Hobby Lobby.
It wasn't much but it made for a nice memory! 
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Happy Soiree Day!

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Sue@creativetryals.blogspot.com said...

The decor is beautiful! Giving me some ideas for my inlaws upcoming 50th!