Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vintage Gwen Chapel-A Conversation with Dada

A couple months ago I was off in another part of the house doing something and my boys (Hunkie and Lil' Hunkie) were in the living room just hangin' out.  When I came back Hunkie kinda had a smile on his face and began telling me of his 'first' conversation with Lil' Hunkie.  Hunkie said that he had called out our son's name and he immediately started his gibberish.  But Lil' Hunkie made it a sentence.
"Gibberish, gibberish, gibberish, Dada!" And my husband actually said "it's like he was talking to me!"  And I could tell how happy this made my husband!
Then I started thinking about God and how much joy it must bring Him when we take the time to have a conversation with Him. God is always speaking....He's waiting for us to activate our relationship with Him and have a constant conversation going. 
I would like to encourage you this Father's Day to take the opportunity to tell your father what he means to you or share something you had admired of him....activate a conversation.  I guarantee it'd be so much greater than any tangible gift. 
The past year hasn't been the greatest for my mother health wise.  But what I have witnessed through all that rough stuff is a man devoted to the woman he still loves.  I have literally seen 'for better, for worse' lived out in front of my eyes.
Thank you, Daddy!
These words will accompany his "You're a Peach" jar of preserves!

May God Bless your Father!
Happy Weekend!


Studio Carolina said...

What a nice message about your dad. Mine has been gone for almost 20 years and I still miss him.

Enjoy your family.

Chiara said...

Beautiful post!