Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Show and Tell-HP Mini Netbook

I've been wanting a laptop...nothing maybe be able to have a better blog schedule.  Lil Hunkie is into everything right now and anytime I try and get on the desktop in the office he's dragging this and that out and pushing buttons and turning off the power strip! Wished I had all that energy! So I'm not sure if a laptop is the solution but it's worth a try!  I haven't even had it a week yet but I'm loving the no cords attached already!!  I did do a little research and due to a not very big budget was going to buy an Acer from Walmart.  My brother in law is a computer guy and so I was talking to my sister and she advised to maybe get a 'name brand' instead of the Acer.  I even looked at my niece's Toshiba netbook and really liked it.  Well Best Buy had a HP for the same price and same gigs and memory but in ....wait for it....PINK!  What else is there?  So far so good!  I'm actually using it right now for this post to see how it goes!  I did load the photo editing program, Photoscape on to it which took me a couple times...still trying to get around as it came with a newer version of Windows!
What do you use to blog? Desktop? Laptop? Ipad? Tablet?
What kind of schedule do you have?
I would love to hear any tips!!
Here's what she looks like!

 Have a Happy Day!


Suzzie Vehrs said...

cutest laptop EVER!

I love it.

LoriLynn said...

I just wanted to let you know that we have matching netbooks (although mine is plain black) and I think it's kind of fantastic. I will be applying a pink unicorn decal to mine though shortly to girly it up a bit :)