Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Show and Tell-Remington T Studio Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand

Well I spent some of my Birthday money on one of the things I had on my list.....a curling wand!  I bought the Remington 1" to 1/2" inch, Pearl Ceramic version from Target for about $25 (not including tax) and have used it twice now and I really like it! I realize twice doesn't make me an expert but wanted to share my experience thus far!  And I am aware of the No Heat Curls that have been very popular in blog land recently and did try it.  It did work but I found that it left a noticeable dent in my hair...which makes me think it's best for longer hair as it might not be as noticeable. 
For some No Heat Curls how tos check out my bloggin' buddies, Eisy Morgan and Ma Nouvelle Mode!

So this little jewel gets hot quick!! That alone impressed me! It does come with a glove which I just find kinda weird to use, but understand why it comes with it.  The first day I used it I wrapped my hair around the barrel with the narrow end pointing up.  The second day I used it I used it with the narrow end pointing down and I find this way is better because it curls more, the other way waves more. If my hair was longer it might not make a difference. It's just going to take practice to master it!   And it is fast! Meaning you don't have to hold a section of hair on it for very long, that impressed me as well!
Here's a before and after of my second day...

I quickly snapped these...Hunkie was waiting on me!!
What'd ya think?
If you'd like more info/reviews and probably better results photos check out good ole' You Tube!
Overall, I'm happy with my's gonna help me get out of my 'straight with a pouf' rut!

Have a Happy Day!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Soiree Day-All Things Superhero!!

I recently found some fantastic superhero party ideas!!  My only niece will be turning March and has requested a Sweet Sixteen Superhero Soiree!  So I've been mindful of watching out for some ideas! And the ones I've found so far are so great!!
Who would have thought you could make a supergirl party vintagey?! I'm in aw!!

Photos courtesy of Tortoise and the Hare

I love the use of "Pow Pow", "Bang", & "Zap"!!!
Photo courtesy of Pinterest and The Parties

I have seen a lot of superhero parties with a city scape, I like how this one is simple and with the silhouette of the guest of honor as a cake topper makes it just as grand as all the others! This is simple perfection to me!

Photo courtesy of  Amy Atlas

I have already shared these with my sister and she loved them!! My niece loves Tootsie Pops so these are perfect!! Aren't they great?!!!
Photo courtesy of Zakka Life

And finally just thought I'd share this photo of one of the cutest Superheros I've ever seen!!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest and Seriously Cute

Now, don't we all want our very own Supergirl Party?

Happy Soiree Day!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vintage Gwen Chapel-"Wait A Minute!"

I recently heard a friend from church talk about her son and how right now he doesn't believe in God.  Through tears she talked about how she raised him in church to know who God was.  But then stuff happened.  She stopped going to church for a while and thinks her little side trip away from God is the reason why her son is in the place he is now.  
When I heard this statement my spirit did a "Wait a minute!"
My own dad has thought similar.  When my brother was not in church and doing his own thing, daddy thought it was because of all the wild oats he'd sown. 
Again...wait a minute!!!
I do believe that there is a lie going on!
Both my friend and my daddy, raised their children the way God instructed in the Bible.  When that was done, God handles the rest.  Generally, a positive plus a negative cancels each other out.  But not so with God!! With God the end result is always positive! No matter how big the negative!

"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."
Isaiah 55:9 NIV

Ah God's ways and thoughts!! I don't fathom them.  What I do fathom, is God's faithfulness and if He was faithful to my daddy to redeem my brother to his upbringing then He is faithful to do the same for my friend.  And for you.

To all my East Coast friends....stay safe!
Have a Happy Weekend!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Darling Day!

It's been one heck of a week for me so I'm glad Darling Day is here!  I hosted Bunco Monday night for our group and it went great!! Except the part where my allergies decided to show up too! Ah! I'm doing better now thank goodness! 
Let's enjoy some goodies shall we?
You have got see these!! So, so great!!
Photo courtesy of Taylor Made
Another great idea!!
Photo courtesy of Tattered and Inked
I love this! And am so gonna remember this when we get a new house!!
Photo courtesy of Pinterest and
Mmmm...pretty! I want my hair to look this beautiful!!  She does so many other great styles too!!
Photo courtesy of It's The Small Things and Pinterest

Happy Darling Day!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Inspired Cigar Jewelry Box

I've had making this cigar jewelry box on my to do list for a while now.  I saw it on a link party and even pinned it so I'd remember that I wanted to try it.  Remember the fad of a cigar box purse? Well I tried making some and couldn't ever find purse handles! So I improvised and used drawer hardware and simply lined the inside with felt.  Well I still have 2 of them so when I saw the jewelry box Ali at Found in the"Ali" made I got excited!  Now they have a new purpose!  Since I had to make mine a little different I'm showing you how I did it but please go check out how Ali made hers, it's awesome!!
The Boxes:

cigar box
quilt batting
hot glue gun
*I had everything on hand so this is a $0 project for me!☺*

What I did:
I measured the inside of the red and green box and cut my batting to have four layers.  Then I cut in half and then cut each half in half again to get these strips.  I did a total of 8.

Next I cut pieces of fabric just wide and long enough to glue around the strip. I then placed the strip in the center of the fabric.....

....applied hot glue and folded over.........

....then folded the batting in half and glued the seam edge to form a tube.

Glued the ends by folding like a present.

Then simply placed inside box.  At this point I wanted to wait and see how many fit before I glued down each 'tube'.  After all 8 fit snugly and I turned the box upside down and shook....they stayed in place!! So I didn't glue down...someday it's purpose may change!

All done!!
 {These are all rings my Secret Sister from church has gotten me this year!}

Don't forget to drop by and checkout Ali's Cigar Box Ring Organizer!
And thanks Ali for such great inspiration!!

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Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Show and Tell-Feature Graphics

I hope you've noticed some new graphics hanging around.  I decided to make some for each of the different 'features' I have.  And I haven't decided yet if they need to be buttons...I'm still pondering it!!  But I did decide they'd be good Show and Tell material!
I do have The Graphics Fairy and Free Pretty Things For You to thank for the majority of the artwork and frames!
{Really the reason I needed to share so I could give proper credit to these fab resources!!}

The first one I made was for Soiree Day and I really liked how it turned out and just continued with the rest!  And then I remembered I wanted to figure out how to make a Landing Page on Facebook and thought these graphics would be greatly utilized there! I'm pleased with the outcome and proud of myself for figuring out a Landing Page!!
{Insert big ole' pat on the back!}

Here's the rest....

Checkout the Vintage Gwen Facebook Welcome Page HERE if you haven't already 'liked' me yet! If you do then click on the "Welcome" tab to the right under the Vintage Gwen graphic!

And if you'd like to know how to make your own Landing Page then this is the site I found that makes it easy!
Note: You do have to have make a graphic or design and upload it to a host site like Photobucket so you'll have the html code. 

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Have a Happy Day!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Soiree Day-Vintage English Garden Wedding

Today, I want you to enjoy this beautiful Vintage English Garden wedding as much as I have!!  It almost makes me want a redo!!  I love everything about it from the flowers to the use of the awesome vintage furniture to the fun photo booth!  Here's a few enticing photos courtesy of Hostess With The'll then want to go to the HWTM site and swoon over the rest!!

Photos courtesy of Hostess With The Mostess

See? Gorgeous huh?!

Happy Soiree Day!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Zucchini 3 Ways

I wished I had taken a picture of the zucchini that a friend at church gave to me out of her garden! The sucker was huge!! I got 3 dishes out of it!!  I had briefly read a recipe for Zucchini Bake over at Six Sisters Stuff and thought it sounded had cheese and anything with cheese sounds good to me!  And so sharing my version of Zucchini Bake was an afterthought and I snapped a photo with my phone before putting the leftovers up!!

Here's what I did:
Sliced zucchini
sliced cheese and shredded Parmesan cheese (these are what I had!)
small onion
dried oregano
dried basil
salt and pepper

I layered a squared baking dish with zucchini, sliced cheese, butter, onion and the seasonings and then topped it with the Parmesan cheese.  Baked at 350 for 30 minutes. I was very pleased with how yummy this was!! Hunkie thought it was good but I noticed he didn't want anything to do with the leftovers!  Hhmmm....
And of course my Lil' Hunkie, the picky eater wanted non of it!  At least I thoroughly enjoyed it!! 
Next, a couple of nights later and cut some up into 'fries' and had zucchini fries.  That's the first time I had ever done it fry style and again, yumminess!  (I did put Head Country seasoning in my flour which I think helped them be good!)
And finally this evening I made my first ever zucchini bread!  I know! I know! Where have I been right? I simply used my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook recipe and added raisins.  Unfortunately my pan that I used should have been bigger because the middle didn't want to bake through so I had to bake it about 20 minutes extra which made it a little dry, still tasted good, but dry.
So excited that I got all of that out of one zucchini!!!
I'd love to hear whatcha been doin' with yours?

Happy Monday!!

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