Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Show and Tell-Feature Graphics

I hope you've noticed some new graphics hanging around.  I decided to make some for each of the different 'features' I have.  And I haven't decided yet if they need to be buttons...I'm still pondering it!!  But I did decide they'd be good Show and Tell material!
I do have The Graphics Fairy and Free Pretty Things For You to thank for the majority of the artwork and frames!
{Really the reason I needed to share so I could give proper credit to these fab resources!!}

The first one I made was for Soiree Day and I really liked how it turned out and just continued with the rest!  And then I remembered I wanted to figure out how to make a Landing Page on Facebook and thought these graphics would be greatly utilized there! I'm pleased with the outcome and proud of myself for figuring out a Landing Page!!
{Insert big ole' pat on the back!}

Here's the rest....

Checkout the Vintage Gwen Facebook Welcome Page HERE if you haven't already 'liked' me yet! If you do then click on the "Welcome" tab to the right under the Vintage Gwen graphic!

And if you'd like to know how to make your own Landing Page then this is the site I found that makes it easy!
Note: You do have to have make a graphic or design and upload it to a host site like Photobucket so you'll have the html code. 

See my Link Parties page for where I'm linking to!
Have a Happy Day!!

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Lindsay said...

These are great! You are very talented if you can do them yourself! I had to hire the work of Cindy to make mine. :)