Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Show and Tell-Remington T Studio Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand

Well I spent some of my Birthday money on one of the things I had on my list.....a curling wand!  I bought the Remington 1" to 1/2" inch, Pearl Ceramic version from Target for about $25 (not including tax) and have used it twice now and I really like it! I realize twice doesn't make me an expert but wanted to share my experience thus far!  And I am aware of the No Heat Curls that have been very popular in blog land recently and did try it.  It did work but I found that it left a noticeable dent in my hair...which makes me think it's best for longer hair as it might not be as noticeable. 
For some No Heat Curls how tos check out my bloggin' buddies, Eisy Morgan and Ma Nouvelle Mode!

So this little jewel gets hot quick!! That alone impressed me! It does come with a glove which I just find kinda weird to use, but understand why it comes with it.  The first day I used it I wrapped my hair around the barrel with the narrow end pointing up.  The second day I used it I used it with the narrow end pointing down and I find this way is better because it curls more, the other way waves more. If my hair was longer it might not make a difference. It's just going to take practice to master it!   And it is fast! Meaning you don't have to hold a section of hair on it for very long, that impressed me as well!
Here's a before and after of my second day...

I quickly snapped these...Hunkie was waiting on me!!
What'd ya think?
If you'd like more info/reviews and probably better results photos check out good ole' You Tube!
Overall, I'm happy with my's gonna help me get out of my 'straight with a pouf' rut!

Have a Happy Day!!


Lindsay said...

I love this! You are adorable, you know that. :)

Ps--look for a package coming from me soon. Hope you enjoy it!

Unknown said...

OOoh that looks fun! How well did the curls hold? My hair will not hold a curl to save my life.

buttercup said...

You look fabulous!!I love this product!! My hair doesn't hold curl well at all but does with this wand. It takes a bit if time to get the hang of it - to not burn your fingers and which way to turn but other than that it's great!!