Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vintage Gwen Chapel-Books To Read if You've Had A Miscarriage

Actually if you've lost a young child at all.
Perhaps you might need a tissue....
The Spring of 2008 I discovered I was pregnant.  It was a little surprising since I was on the pill and when I read the pregnancy test my reaction was "I'm not ready!" As with most newlyweds I had a plan....married for about 2 years then start the babies!  Well the plan is true...7 days before our 2 year anniversary Lil' Hunkie came into our lives!
But before Lil' Hunkie there is my Lil' Angel.  When we went to the initial doctor's appointment in 2008 I got another heartbeat.  Now I'm no Spring Chicken, I was 33 at the time and to add to that I'm a voluptuous lady so I was immediately bombarded with all the reasons why it was my fault there was no heartbeat. 
The doctor assured me it wasn't my fault.
I had a D & C a week later.  Waiting for it didn't help any at all.
{My doctor is extremely good at what he does and is a popular guy!}
All this was new to my immediate family...
I considered myself to be in a solid place with the Lord but now, now I had my feet knocked out from under me.
My mother gave me a book, not to remind me of the loss but to help the healing process.

Chris Pringle had a miscarriage too.  One day she heard Jesse Duplantis talk about his trip to heaven and seeing babies and children there.  She started to weep for she had assumed her baby went back to "the earth-a 'dust to dust, ashes to ashes' kind of consolation."  Then she had a vision of her son, Jesse. 
Of course I couldn't read this without weeping myself and decided right then and there to name our baby,who I believe is in heaven.
And by doing so completed the healing process the Lord started.

About a week ago a cute little friend at church asked me if I'd heard about the book Heaven Is For Real.  Well I hadn't and she proceeded to tell me she thought of me when she read it.  It's about a little boy he gets very sick and goes to heaven and what all he sees while there. Well he meets his oldest sister, a miscarriage baby.  Of course, when telling his parents about meeting her, his mother wants details...what did she look like...what's her name.  They hadn't named her.  
The parents now tease each other about getting to heaven first to name her.
It's my opinion that they could go right ahead and do it!
Because it's also my opinion that this book confirmed, for me anyway, that one should name lost babies!!

And God gave me more confirmation on top of that!
Another cute friend from church had lost a baby 17 years ago.  And after hearing me testify about naming my baby she named hers as well and she said she had the most amazing peace after 17 years of struggle.
Hello! How awesome is that!

So I highly recommend these books.  And even more highly recommend naming your baby.
And by the way...God was and is faithful to me.  When you get your feet knocked out from under you, you need something that's strong and stable and constant to look to. 
 And He never wavered.

Be blessed this weekend!!

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