Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bash Is Back On! Bash Day 2-Soiree Day-My Petite Party!

I do not know what in tarnation is going on with our internet!!! It's been down since Sunday and I've been waiting for a technician to come and check it out!  We lost power early, early this morning due to a nasty thunderstorm and so the computer was off and I thought "oh let's see what happens" and turned it on and it's back online! 
Let's pray it stays on...geez!!  In case it doesn't just know I'll try my best to stay with the Bash schedule....if our local McDonald's had a play area I could go there with my my laptop but alas it does not and Lil' Hunkie would not stay confined to a highchair for long!  I've decided to allow you till Sunday at 10 pm to enter the Bash and then I'll announce the winner on Monday!
Ok! Shall we continue?

Welcome to August Bash Day 2!!

For our celebration I wanted to style a small little party!  Pink and green is one of my favorite color combinations so that's how I got to planning!

 Welcome to My Petite Party!
I had saved a chili can that I knew I wanted to do something with.  So I cut up some bandannas and made some ruffles and hot glued them on!  A Ruffle Bucket for flowers!    I also made some of the famous tissue flowers fro the first time!  So easy and affordable!!
{I realize there's no's ok since I'm pretending!}

The cute green picture holders came from the Target Dollar Spot! I simply used scrapbook paper for the food & party title tags.

My cute little stand at work!!

Party title tag.  Plates, well they're bowls actually, came from the Dollar Tree. 

Yummy Turtle Bars from Day 1!

The recipe for the Sugar Cookie Truffles can be found at the fabulous Gallamore West! They too are yummy and easy to make as well!!!  Hunkie actually liked them better then the turtle bars!!

Bash Prize 2
Rolled Flower Pin!

Happy Soiree Day!!

*Note: today's normal Show & Tell post will be up this evening!*

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Kristin said...



Lindsay said...

This is beautiful! You have such an eye for piecing things together. Great job!

Hilary Surratt said...

ok, I love the flower vase holder with the ruffles, and that twisted flower is adorable! Pick me! Pick me! :) I am in love with all things pink!

Hi, I'm Aleisha! said...

Your color scheme is so beautiful. I love pink and green. Your table looks so pretty...kind of makes me wish I was sitting at it, eating those sugar cookie truffles! YUM!!!!!!! I enjoy your blog and admire all your creativity, girl! I mean it!

Anonymous said...

Of course I am lovin' the pom poms, but the vintage chic of it all is what I love!