Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016 Mother's Day Mantle

Happy Mother's Day!!

I sure did make a mantle in my honor! Lol!
As you can see, Lil Hunkie is a little bit creative like his momma! I thought it would be sweet to display his recent artwork for me on a "Mother's Day" mantle. 

I'm loving my marquee W...someday I will get batteries and use the lights with it!
And I love that this mantle is so colorful! Just like Lil' Hunkie!

Hope your day is sweet!

Monday, May 2, 2016

May Photo A Week Challenge

Happy May!!
Since we had plenty of April showers I'm looking forward to plenty of May flowers!!
And I'm looking forward to this month's challenges!

Here's last month....

Week 1...out my window....our house sits on top of a hill which provides a pretty good sunset view!
Week 2....meal....breakfast and devo time!
Week 3.....tradition....ahh, the age ole' tradition of a bridal shower! Helped host a pretty fab one at church!
Week 4.....quote....also attended a family wedding this past was Lil' Hunkie's first wedding and he did so good! That was just as much of a celebration to me as the wedding! It's "always good to celebrate something!" 

Simply take a photo inspired by the  prompt, interpret the prompt how you like. Then share on Instagram with #VGphotoaweek. Please use new photos that you take. Please do not use anyone else's photo...this is about you and your pictures. Or you can create a image for the prompt, but it must be something you create.  Post one or many photos per week!
This is how I'll be breaking the weeks up:

Week 1:  May 2-8
Week 2:  May 9-15
Week 3:  May 16-22
Week 4:  May 23-31

Hope you'll join me!!
Have a great first week of May!