Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bash Day 3-Show and Tell-Blog Journal

Welcome to Bash Day 3!

I wanted to share with you my blog journal.  How I thought to do this from the beginning I'm not sure!  But I did and am so glad!!

I had this cute little thing (it's really like a small notebook) doing nothing.
So I started to write ideas for what kinds of things I wanted to talk about in it. 

I then just wrote down my blog week.  Sometimes I'd have Thursday figured out before Monday...which still happens since Thursdays are tutorial/tip days! I also started to keep track of how many followers I had to start the week out.  I know this may be in Google Analytics but I don't check it that often!

I also I have a place to write down something I may want to feature from one of the Linky Parties.  And a place to write if I find a yummy recipe I might want to try!
Yes it usually looks like chicken scratch! 
I feel somewhat organized doing this.  What do you do?

Bash Prize 3
Your very own Blog Journal!

Actually you can use it however you want!! Won't hurt my feelings none!
I thought the flowers on every page are too darling!!

Have a Happy Day!!


Hi, I'm Aleisha! said...

Hey Hottie Mama Jennifer! I LOVE that you have a blog journal/notebook! I am a journal junkie. I always have a notebook with me where ever I go. I have them stashed in drawers and chilling on the top of the frigde. I have one in my purse and on my night stand! Right now, I have a blog notebook that I jot ideas down in. Guess what my notebook has on it?? PHINEAS AND FERB!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! Hmm...maybe I need to win that cute "flower"'s more my style!

Lindsay said...

Okay, now this is a good idea. I actually need a blog journal, now that I have things scheduled regularly on my blog. :) Great idea!

Anonymous said...

You have good taste! I didn't think of ever having a blog journal and I've been bloggin for over a year lol.