Thursday, September 19, 2013

Coffee Themed Coffee Mug Gift

Ok I know what you might be thinking...what exactly is a Coffee Themed Coffee Mug! Well it's a mug that has all coffee related/themed items inside! Of course you can fill a mug with all kinds of things but I wanted to stick to all coffee items. I actually used these as bunco prizes! 

Owl Mug-from Michael's!
NYC Lipstick in Cafe
Salon Perfect Nail Polish in Cafe Ole-both from Walmart
Turtle Biscotti -from my local grocery store
Starbucks VIA Pumpkin Spice coffee packet-from Target

See what I did with the lipstick and polish? Coffee colors!!

I love how they turned out and they were a hit with the bunco winners!!

Happy Thursday!!

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aka Bailey said...

I loooooove this idea!!!! SO cute!! The mugs are insanely adorable :)


Unknown said...

love this idea! Stopping by from Pretty Things linky party!

Paula Parrish said...

Such a great idea to make a themed mug as a do it yourself gift. ;o)

Ivan Irwin said...

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Maheen said...

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