Friday, December 16, 2011

Chic Couture-My First Birchbox & A New Link Party Coming Soon!

My first Birchbox has arrived!! And of course I must show you the goodies!
Birchbox is a monthly beauty service where you get deluxe beauty samples mailed to you.  You fill out a simple profile and pay monthly or yearly and the beauty fun begins!  I love this idea because you can try products you might not ever think about buying or products you do want to try allowing  you to know if you'll love it!  There is also a Points Program where purchasing full size products and referring friends will earn points and then you can spend the points in their Shop. 
Pretty cool! A monthly treat all for myself!

Why look at's my favorite color!

Sadly I keep forgetting to take the box out from under the cabinet to try these goodies out. I did manage to try the obviously easy ones... the Jouer Lipgloss... it's a lovely shade of pink and nice and shiny.  And the Harvey Prince Ageless fragrance is quite lovely too...very fresh.  The rest I'll let you know next Friday.  
And speaking of next Friday...I'll be teaming up with Allison of Feeding My Temple to start a once a month beauty link party....the Birchbox Beauty Bash! 

Yeah we're excited! 
We'd thought it'd be fun to have a party where we share about our Birchboxes.
 Not all of them are the same.  Of course, we want you to link up any post about beauty,
the more the merrier and the more the beauty exploration!
So you've got a week to prepare! Or have an older post? That's fine too!
 And it will be every 4th Friday of the month.   
Excited as we are? Leave a comment and let us know you'll be joining in!

Happy Friday!

*{I wasn't paid to write this post...I'm excited about my treat to myself therefore I wanted to share!}*


Lindsay said...

That is pretty exciting! I have heard about this before, and would love to try it! Your link party sounds pretty exciting!

Marilyn said...

Sooo pretty..I cant wait to join in on the fun..Loving your goodies ..

LoriLynn said...

I will for sure be sharing and I can't wait to check out all the links! YAY! PS Let's see that lip gloss in action! I feel like they always look different in the tube! Have a lovely weekend!

Jessica said...

Ohh fun! I have thought about getting Birchbox before. As a lip gloss addict, I wouldn't mind getting a new one in the mail every now and then :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! Do you think it's worth it? Thinking about doing this for my girls!