Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Treats

Happy Halloween!
How has everyone's festivities been?  We are taking Lil' Hunkie to a local church's Trunk or Treat this evening and not handing out candy.  Boo! I like it but we took the less expensive route this year and are just focusing on Lil' Hunkie.  We do have some neighbors with little ones who usually come over so I made them some treats and also chose to Boo someone for the first time!  Do you know what that is?  I had never heard of it till now but basically you leave treats on a neighbor's doorstep anonymously with a "We've been Booed" sign and instructions for them to in turn boo someone else.   There's all kinds of free printables out there!  I chose The Tomkat Studio's version.
It was fun!

And here's my treats!
Ghost Eyes~Rolos
Ghosts~White Chocolate covered Nutter Butters
Candy Corn M&M Cookies

I just used scrapbook paper to fold over the top of a sandwich bag and wallah! Easy cute packaging!
Of course the Nutter Butter ghosts are all over the place and I simply googled 'monster eye treats' and found the Rolo idea at It Is What It Is.  So stinkin' easy and very cute I must say!
 For our neighbors I used another free printable by Mommy by Day...Crafter by Night and stapled all three bags together with the tag on the front.

 Finally I made Peeps Smores for my niece and nephews!  This idea came from Christi of Love From The Oven.  If you're not familiar with her...she's a sweet genius and I love all her baking creativity!

Fun, simple, cute treats!!

Have a Happy Day and be safe!


Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, this is SO cute! I love this!

Unknown said...

Girl you are so creative! I love that you "booed" a neighbor! Maybe we'll run into each other at Trunk O Treat tonight! LOL


Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Love those Rolo eyes! Definitely doing those next year. Such a cute BOO kit. Have a fun time!!

Ashley said...

haha they are SOOO FUN!!! HAppy Halloween!
here from the Sunday Social!
New follower:)

LoriLynn said...

Such an amazingly cute idea! I'm mentally filing it away for next year! We are at a loss of what to do tonight because I've been out of town and the hubbs failed to pick up candy this weekend. Being our first year in our house, I feel obligated to hand out candy!

Emily said...

fun! Love them! :)