Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Decor-Part 1

I have a tradition for my fall porch decor.  It includes real white pumpkins. Guess what? Haven't been able to find any!  One of the local grocery stores has some but they are shaped like a disc...I want just plain regular shaped pumpkins!  So today, while you are getting to see what my inside fall decor is, I'm out hunting!
I don't have much, don't have a whole lot of space right now but I did add a few things!
Everyone knows these guys, right?
$1 carveable pumpkins from the Dollar Tree.  While I had the copper metallic paint out last week I sprayed these guys too!
And this is where they went...

How about my $5 trunk?! It's actually a colorguard trunk from a local high school!!  My niece's band was having a yard sale back in the summer and they had a ton of these!! The sale was donation only so I took one....for $5!  I'm kicking myself for not loading down the car with these!!! It would make a great picnic 'basket'!!  This is my first use for it!

This is my 'bar'. All of this is from years past!

Yes you are seeing's one of the smallest kitchens ever!  

Dinning table arrangement....that pumpkin is probably the oldest fall decoration I have...can't remember exactly how long I've had it but it was way before I got married!

 Won the scarecrow at Bunco last year!  Don't mind my lack of green thumb skills!!
Acorn bells with ribbon are left over from my wedding...there's one on the other side of the massive window as well!

And finally, I wanted to join the glitter pumpkin club but since I had so much copper metallic paint still, I didn't see any reason on spending money on the popular Krylon paint.   Then I saw that Mary Kathryn at The Matthews Family Happenings had some glitter pumpkins from the Dollar Spot at Target!  What?! So  off to Target I went, half expecting them to be all gone....almost!!  I got the last orange one and since they were only $2.50 I got 2 black! 2 went to the top of the fridge by Henry....

And this guy is on the kitchen counter....can't decide if I want to add anything or not....but I sure am glad I have him!!
And that's it.  I have a few things that are Thanksgiving themed that I'll add with some rearranging.  This was a good change for me...don't have much of anything going on in the decor area since we're trying to sell.

My mission now is to finish the outside!!
Happy Fall Finally!!

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Marilyn said...

Great ushering in fall decor J.. Love it.. : ))

Kristin said...

Love your pumpkins! My kitchen is not much bigger! Praise God we have homes!

Lindsay said...

Your decor is SO adorable! I love how you transformed all those dollar store pumpkins! Super cute. You have such great style, friend!

Kelly said...

it all look so wonderful. i bet my kitchen is smaller and darker. haha.

Screaming Sardine said...

I think your pumpkin and autumn decor is so cute, Jennifer. I especially love those glitter pumpkins.

Tracy Screaming Sardine

Lindsay said...

I love that ceramic (?) caramel apple on your kitchen counter!

Jennifer said...

@Lindsay..Thanks girl!! Yes it's's a candy dish and it came from Hallmark a few years back!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

I love what you have created here, gorgeous! Beautifully decorated. I look forward to return visits so now I am your newest follower. I grabbed your button and hope you will join my followers list and grab my button as well. Hugs, Gayle.

Unknown said...

WOW! I need to get on the ball! Love your fall decorations!!!

Clydia {Three Mango Seeds}