Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Soiree Day-Tiffany & Co.Inspired Birthday Luncheon

When I saw this birthday luncheon I knew immediately that I wanted to share it!!  What girl wouldn't want a Tiffany birthday party? I'm still dreaming of owning a piece of Tiffany jewelry!!
The fun, creative Tasha of Frugalicious Me planned this little shindig for one of her friends who turned 50 but still looks like she's 40!!  And you won't believe what Tasha pulled off with just $25!! Now that's one heck of a party planner!

Check it out!
Favors were glitter tealights and paper covered kitchen matchbooks.  Love!!
 The beautiful table set with painted and glittered tin canisters as centerpieces.
 Painted and wrapped canvases to look like the ever so famous box!
 Fun cake!!

I love how it all turned out!! I just might have to request my own Tiffany luncheon when I turn 40...choke...can't breath...
I still have oh about 4 years till that happens but my heart just about stopped when I typed that!!  I swear I was 20 yesterday!! Geez!

Fabulous job Tasha!!
Happy Soiree Day!!


Lindsay said...

This is such a fabulous party! I included it in my favorites from last week's party. It's amazing the amount of detail that was added. Simply gorgeous!

hey aster photography said...

I love the colors. How sweet for her to put this on and so creative. Hmm... Can I have this party?? I am new to your blog and I am going to go love some more!! :D

LoriLynn said...

Oh my goodness! I sooo want a Tiffany's party. My sister in law and I still talk about having a breakfast at Tiffany's Tea Party. I think we just got some more inspiration!