Monday, October 3, 2011

{Sweet Sponsor} A Little Slice of Special

I'd like to introduce you to one of my first sponsors!!

Lori and I became connected on Twitter and then each other's blogs.  She is a fashion blogger with some of her other interests here and there.  I enjoy reading her fashion and makeup posts.  She's fun and confident and different.  I like different.
Here's some of Lori's own words:
"Instead of continuing to try to dress like everyone else, I've been trying to dress for myself, in the things I love, and in doing so I am discovering and finding my own style."
Sounds like an interesting and inspiring journey!
Some recent posts:

You should see the inspiration photo for this outfit....she did a fantastic job recreating it for herself!!

Love this post about a trip to an apple orchard with her hubby...she wore the perfect outfit for the fun outing!!

Photos courtesy of A Little Slice of Special

Some fun facts about Lori:
~14 is her favorite number~
~She loves wandering the midwest and taking random mini road trips are her favorite~
~She's hiked up a glacier in New Zealand and snorkeled on the great barrier reef ~
~Lori can drive a stick shift car~
{Perhaps she could teach me!}

It's been fun getting to know Lori and I'm excited to have her as a sponsor!
So head on over to her place and check her out!!

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

She is great! I also have been following her blog. I WISH i had her style. So inspiring!

Lindsay said...

Well looks like I need to check out her blog--she looks & sounds fabulous!

LoriLynn said...

Jennifer I heart you to pieces! You are so stinking sweet! I'm so glad we've connected and are now blog buddies, you know I think you are incredibly fabulous as well! XoXo Lori

Jennifer said...

@ Jerri...yes she is very inspiring!! She can translate an inspiration photo so well!! Thanks for stopping by!