Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soiree Day-Vintage Cowgirl Party!

It's Tuesday! And that means it's time for another great Soiree!!  Today's fun party is courtesy of Mel of The Larson Lingo. When I saw her daughter's Vintage Cowgirl Party on a link party I knew I just had to share it!!  This wonderful momma did not forget a detail!!  This is the kind of party that makes one want to have a girl so one could have their own Vintage Cowgirl party!!

Some clever food/beverage serving items!!  Pie tins as plates and mason jars with lids for drinks!! 

 The sweets...

 Some activities...

Favors of all favors!!

'Photo Booth'

Photos courtesy of The Larson Lingo

Be sure and go over and check out the entire party!!

Happy Soiree Day!! 


Lindsay said...

Cutest cowgirl party--ever! What a great idea. And the attention to detail is excellent! Thanks for sharing these!

E said...

such a cute party!

Jennifer said...

@ E Thanks!! And thanks for stopping by!