Friday, September 23, 2011

Darling Day-Blog Beauties!

I have thought about highlighting some 'darling' blogs on Darling Day before and well it's time!! And I'm sure I'll do it again!!  These beauties are fairly recent finds and are so worth checking out!
Besides being just plain cute, Lori inspires me! She is a recent fashion blogger and I admire her for doing so.  I think in fashion blogging there's more opportunity for people to be just plain mean.  Lori has great confidence and you can totally see that in her posts! Plus she has pretty eyes and does pretty makeup!! ☺

Today's post is actually a cue from April.  She recently started branching out to new to her bloggers and featuring them {yes I was one of them!}.  I agree with her that we don't need to stay in a box..there's so many great bloggers of all kinds to be connected to!!  And while April and I both craft and share that, she shares and showcases her love of vintage clothing....and it's awesome!

I got to know Aleisha during my August Bash week....we'd be in trouble having too much fun if we lived by each other!! Her blog is mostly a mom blog and if ever you need to be encouraged or need a great big belly laugh or need to know you're 'not the only one' then you need to hop, skip, and jump to her place!!
She never ceases to bless me with her words!!
Southern Lovely 

I also got to know Lindsay during my Bash week and she actually was the winner of the giveaway at the end of the week.  She is probably the kindest blogger there is! She sent me the cutest pink clay rose necklace and earrings for no reason.  That's something I'd do and I enjoy having that it common with her!  She was gracious to invite me to be cohost of her link party, Show & Share...a great opportunity!  And it has been awesome mingling with new creative people!!
And those, my lovlies, are some darling places to check out!
Happy Friday!!


LoriLynn said...

Awwww thank you Gwen! You are too sweet!

Hi, I'm Aleisha! said...

Aaahh!!! I actually got a little choked up, sweet friend! Thank you for the nice words and for the "spotlight." You've managed to make my day...AGAIN! Sending you cyber hugs and kisses!

Lindsay said...

Jennifer, you are so sweet! I have LOVED getting to know you! Your kind words made my day. :)