Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Soiree Day-Happy 25th Anniversary To My Pastors!!

Yep! Today is a milestone for my awesome Pastors!! This past Sunday we had a simple come and go reception directly after service.  We had a lovely time and everyone enjoyed the sweets my mom, sister and I made! And of course I wanted to show you, my lovelies!!  I want you to see that just a few simple things can make a difference in celebrating an milestone...sometimes you don't need to be elaborate...it's the thought and meaning of something.
Since my siblings and I gave a 40th Anniversary party to my parents back in May, I did some of the same things...we were on a budget again this time...simple can still be good!
Used a 8x8 scrapbook as a memory book, had people sign it.  Pastors can then use it to put their cruise pictures in.  ☺ I figured there'd be people besides myself who got them a card so I brought a silver bucket for that and then used this cute chalkboard sign from home for direction.  I used a set of silver bird ornaments to add a touch of sparkle....and so they also have some ornaments to remember their 25th year of marriage!
The birds were 2 for a $1 at the Dollar Tree! The book was $5.99 plus half off at Hobby Lobby!

This table! I tell you! I said it before....it's the weirdest shape ever!  I tried to make it look 'fuller' by using groupings of  tissue flowers. 

Instead of individual labels for each food, I simply made a menu and printed it off onto scrapbook paper and framed it in a frame I had!  The photos of the couple were taken from his office. The little faith/crown block I had in the closet at home!

The pretzel rods were the biggest hit and were the first to go!!

Drinks {not pictured} were on ice in the same silver bucket I used before by the memory book.
The only thing left over were some cupcakes and a couple of brownies!!  So just using stuff I already had and adding simple things like the tissue paper flowers, ornaments, and a memory book made the day special.  And that's all that matters!!

Happy Soiree Day!!


Kori said...

How sweet of you! This looks lovely! Have a fabulous day darling and if you get a chance, make sure to enter my 2 year blogoversary giveaway!


Kori xoxo

Hi, I'm Aleisha! said...

So beautifully done! I heart VINTAGE GWEN!!!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

You are super talented! I love the entire look you created. And how sweet are you to plan this special event. You are so awesome!

Emily said...

I am visiting from Southern Lovely and am your newest follower! Love the blog!