Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vintage Gwen Chapel-Retreat Highlights

*This is a longer post than normal cause I want to share my awesome retreat weekend!*

Well I must say the past weekend was all God's!  Looking back I now realize that God had a purpose for my weekend and the proof is not only in how He used me on the retreat but more so in Lil Hunkie's behavior.  This was the first time both Hunkie and I were apart from our Handsome! {We call him that too!}  Hunkie had to work so off to Grandma & Grandpa's Lil Hunkie went.  Hunkie took him to his happy babysitters on Friday and then they brought him to my parents on Sunday, they watched him till I got home. 
The report of Lil Hunkie's 1st adventure:  not.a.tear.  Anytime he talked about momma or dada, he was told we were at work and that suited him fine.  When Sunday morning came, he did say "car" over and over, somehow knowing it was the day to come home! The only tears shed were from Grandma and Grandpa, who thoroughly enjoyed the time with their only grandchild. 
I really thought I wouldn't be able to not cry, I didn't....but anytime my mind rested on Lil' Hunkie I couldn't let it stay too long or else tears would for sure come!  But we stayed busy the whole weekend.  Leaving Friday morning we arrived at the famous Lambert's in time for lunch and I had a ridiculously large Chicken Cesar Salad which I had to carry the majority out the door in a baggie!  It was delicious though, having artichoke and sun dried tomato in it, which I had never heard of in a Cesar Salad before!! Twas yummy! Friday evening some of us went to the Tanger Outlet, yes me included! How refreshing to shop and not worry about a diaper, a wipes case, a snack, a sippy cup and oh hurry it up and get home!  I was excited to get Lil' Hunkie a stuffed Donald of his favorites right now!  Then Saturday we went to Silver Dollar City despite it raining the whole time.  I had discovered the Culinary & Craft School which offers cooking classes! And 9 out of 17 got to enjoy a lesson in Homemade Cinnamon Roll making for an hour out of the rain!!  My sister and I definitely enjoyed this and the kitchen was phenomenal!! And we got to not only eat a Cinnamon Roll but we also learned about and ate some easy Quiche!!

This is the 'waiting area' of the school...decorated for fall already...beautiful!
 Blown Glass Chandelier!  Too Cool!

The Classroom!! Yah! Amazing!

The Instructor.
 Making Quiche!
 Yes this was so delish!! I can't wait to try and make some!!
I want this in my house.....someday perhaps.....

We also saw the Saloon Show, which was hilarious!  Then on Sunday we had lunch at the Branson Landing and gawked at all the Iron Man contestants and then came home! 
That was the extra curricular activities.  We had devotion/ministry times Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday night and then Sunday morning.  Topics were possessing our territory, territory that God has already made enemy free for us!  Providence...trusting God. A personal testimony.  And then what I talked about...redemption.  And even before I spoke we had a time of prayer and just listening to God, waiting on Him to direct us.  Really, we did this for the entire weekend and God honored our reverence to Him and showed up and moved and I tell you lives and circumstances were changed!  I saw relationships deepen. 
I felt complete.  Finally, all my titles worked together for my good.  And it's because I allowed the title that should be first, be first...Child of God.  I mean let me be just be real...the title of momma can take over sometimes.  As can other titles, they all compete to be first.  It's up to me as to which one is truly first.  When we allow God to be top priority, oh my the things that are accomplished!  My testimony to the ladies...God redeemed to me ministry.  Not ministry in the sense that I'm the next Joyce Meyer but ministry in the sense that if you need some personal ministry...then I'll be there for you....ministry in the sense of let me share the revelations God 's been showing me.  It's been redeemed! And I'm ever so thankful!
And that was the best retreat I've ever been on!!
Next Saturday I'll share my revelation on redemption. 

Have a great weekend!!

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Lindsay said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! The place looked gorgeous! I'm sure it was hard to be away from your little guy, I haven't let my kiddos yet. :)