Monday, May 9, 2011

Divine Intervention-Our Love Story

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!
Here's the second half of our Divine Intervention.  Be's kinda long!!! Thought it necessary to tell the long version! So hope you enjoy!!

The last 7 years that I worked, it was for 3 different State Farm agents.  In May of 2007 I was working for the first one, here in town.  There were 2 other ladies and a high school girl who worked part time answering the phone and setting appointments.  My focus was on selling Life and Health insurance though I'm licensed to sell it all.  Late one afternoon my husband called the office for a quote on the new house he was buying.  And guess who was the only one available? Yep! Me!  So I get on the phone and on the other end is a deep country voice.  I go through my process and it's decided that he will come to the office within the next few days to finish the application. 
A few days pass and then in he walks not only into my office but my life.
It was one of those days, I had gotten up late and it was a 'wash the hair day' and so I had only enough time to dry it a little bit and put some gel in and scrunch it to make it wavy a little bit.  But it frizzed too.  Yes I had a bad hair day the day I met the one!  Apparently it didn't faze him!
He had a bald head by choice due to a receding hair line and the biggest blue eyes I'd ever seen!  And that deep country voice! And that's all I could remember about him! 
He sat staring at me, politely answering all my questions.  Part of the application asks about personal property which he didn't really have a whole lot of until we got to the musical instrument question.  Yes he had guitars.  I asked him how he was taught, he replied he'd taught himself to play playing in church.  Well! So did my brothers!! So I asked about if he was going to go to church anywhere and he said didn't know yet so I kindly invited him to my church, thinking I'd probably never see him again other than to take his insurance payment!  He said he'd think about it.  He asked where it was, I told him.  So we finished up and that was that.  Didn't think twice.
Then the closing company calls and says his closing date has  been moved.  I had to make some adjustments and resend an evidence of insurance.  Once done I called him and left a message saying I was advised of the closing date changing and that I had taken care of everything. 
Then a day or two later he calls me.  Says the closing date had been changed. And I'm thinking in my mind..."I told you I had taken care of that!" But that's not the reason he called.  The next thing out of his mouth was "are you married" and laughing I said no.  Then he asks me to go out on Friday night.  Since I couldn't remember much about him and because he was a client I was a little leery.  So I said I had something planned already, which I did, our monthly ladies meeting.  Then he asks about Saturday night.  And him being persistent made my mother fall in love with him!  Again I had something going on.......a steak dinner fundraiser for our mission trip.  I was starting to feel bad so I turned the tables!  I invited him to the fundraiser!  And he actually said he'd try his best.  So it was up in the air!  I told my boss about it and she was excited and approved me possibly dating a client.  Looking back I kinda wished I had skipped the ladies meeting!  Geez! I coulda missed that! But it happened the way God wanted it too, I truly believe.
I was actually surprised when he walked into the fundraiser!  I mean here's a guy new to the area coming to a church function to hopefully win the affection of a girl he barely new!  And to top all of that, he met my parents and got to see how much my dad loves steak!!  After eating he asks if I want to go to a movie and my friends all but shoved me out the door! 
And so began our 6 month courtship, we got married that November. 
Come to find out, it was pretty much love at first sight for my husband.  He had been married once before, not long, just about a year.  She had decided she didn't want to be married any more.  She emptied the bank account and when he got home to find out why she had divorce papers waiting. They had no kids. He took his personal belongings and walked away.  Hoping to one day find something better.  So when he did, it didn't take him long to want to make it permanent!  Somewhere after the first month of dating and before the second he was asking me if I could see myself living in his house.  And my response was only if we were married!  And that's what he was getting at so we started talking about it and it was as they just know.  And I knew that when God brought the one, that it wouldn't be a long courtship.  So Hunkie started saving up money for my ring, in July we went and looked and picked one out but he wasn't done saving money.  It wasn't until September that he was finally ready to make the purchase!  Hunkie's not much on surprises but he didn't do too bad.  I had made it to his house before him after work, we were going to eat dinner.  Well I had a headache and was laying on the couch when he walked in.  I can still remember him trying to surpress a smile.........  He walked over, got down on his knee, pulled the ring out of his shirt pocket and said "Will you?"  "Well yes!" was my response!!
We had a pretty fall wedding.  I can't believe it's been almost 4 years!  I'm so thankful God had a plan!  I believe my husband was supposed to end up with me and me with him.  And while he was my promised one, marriage has been and still is a learning process, it's work! (It is for everyone who chooses to do so!) But I wouldn't want to work at it with no one else other than my blue eyed Hunkie!!!
(By the way, I prayed for Lil' Hunkie to get his dada's eyes and praise the Lord he did!!)

Wanted to share a few pics!  We took communion in our ceremony in place of feeding each other cake, that's what feeding each other cake represents and I wanted the real thing! That bible was my grandmother's (my mom's mom) and my sister used it in her wedding too.  We also did the salt covenant (that's what the bag to the left is). 

I blurred it, all but the mantle, which I decorated!!! I know I'm being sneaky!!  ☺ This is at Bridle Creek Lodge...10 minutes from our house!!

I honored my granny (dad's mom) with my bouquet. 

I like to think we have a cool love story.  Hope you enjoyed this opportunity to get to know me better!

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