Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soiree Day-Jungle Baby Shower

Today's Soiree is a cute baby shower hosted by the wonderful Kindra of At Home With K.  Her and her SIL planned a budget friendly shower for Kindra's cousin and I loved all the simple details Kindra did to achieve such cuteness!!

Kindra used her son's blocks  as decoration through out the party location, which was her aunt's house.  Along with some extremely affordable wooden animals, paper flowers she made and her aunt's plants, which I think is genius!  Those cost her $0!!

See?! Perfect for a jungle theme!!

A special book was used for guests to sign and then given to the new momma to later read to her child.  This is a fabulous way to add a special touch to such a special occasion!

Cute food table.  The tablecloth is fabric from Hobby Lobby! And Kindra also made the pom poms which of course are budget friendly!  I haven't made any yet but thinkin' the time has come!

I love all the bright colors!!
Go check out the party for all the details!!

Thanks Kindra for letting me share and for such a great Soiree!
Photos courtesy of At Home With K

Happy Soiree Day!!

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