Monday, May 2, 2011

Prelude to our Divine Intervention

So last Monday I announced that my husband gave me permission to share our love story.  And that I needed to find a document.  Well guess what? Yep I can't find it!  So I'll continue on and hopefully I can locate it!  It is a word from the Lord about my future husband and it is dated and I'm having a hard time remembering that date!  I think it was in 1995.  I met my husband in 2007.  So 12 years I waited, watched for 'the one'.
There's 3 reasons to share this story:
1.  to give God some glory!
2.  to maybe encourage someone out've been waiting on a promise....
3.  it's kinda a cool story!

When I graduated high school I had the typical dream:  go to college, get married, have 2 kids.  I haven't quite accomplished  all of that and it didn't happen in the time I had planned.  It happened in God's timing and that's so much better than my timing!
So no real serious boyfriend in high school, one in junior college that I knew was going to ask me to marry him and I knew in my heart it was not what God had planned.  And that was about the time I moved from Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa to Stillwater to attend Oklahoma State University so it made the breaking up a little easier, for me at least.  Graduated OSU and moved back home to my parents.  That was December of 1997.  So thankful that my parents allowed me to live with them till my husband came along, not that I couldn't live by myself but I didn't mind and I think they had peace of mind knowing where their single daughter was. 
So me and patience are tight.  And just to be real, patience isn't a passive virtue, it's tough being patient, it's a struggle, a challenge.  So while being patient for 'the one' I got to work in my church, I'd been gone for 4 years.  I started helping with the youth and was even youth pastor for a while and started the teen mission trip that is alive and well....planning trip #11 right now!  I have 10 trips under my belt; 8 teen and 2 adult trips.  And now I know God had me single for all that time to be a missionary!!
You might be wondering why I couldn't meet anyone at my church.  It's not that big of a siblings and I were the only youth at one time.  And it was so hard not to think that every guy who looked single who walked through the door might be 'the one'!
After awhile I had a friend suggest Eharmony.  I thought I'd give it a try what was there to lose?  I did Eharmony for a year and met one guy.  I'm not against dating sites but I found that your perimeters have to be pretty took a while to get a match!  Then I had to adjust my perimeters and got a few more.  I also did and met a goof ball and came in contact with a borderline stalker who was a youth pastor!!  Nice. Forget the dating sites! (One must be very careful even if it's a Christian site!) Then a nice couple at church introduced me to their friend who I apparently scared off.  He had been married before and had kids and I guess I was too good to be true. 
I then made a declaration.  I remember where I was when I made it but I so wish I could remember the date because after making it, it wasn't long that my husband was brought into my life. 
I was going back to work from my lunch break, there's an S curve between my parents and town and it was when I was making the S that I said "God I don't care how long I have to wait, I'm trusting You and You alone to fulfill the promise you made to me."
Hhmmm....gave God complete trust and bam!  Into my life comes 'the one'.  I didn't have to do anything but trust God.  The first contact we had was on the phone....he called into the office, then a week later he walked into my office.
To be continued............. 

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Oh I love it! I can't wait to read more!