Thursday, May 26, 2011

My 'Command' Center

Well it's been a crazy week!  We can get some wicked weather in Oklahoma and actually our surrounding states! I'm sure all of you  are thinking and praying for those states affected by weather this past week. (I am too.) Thank you.  
I had a craft planned for today but it just wasn't in the cards this week.  I do however want to share my 'command' center real quick.  I've seen other bloggers do it and honestly I'm jealous of every one I've seen! See I don't have a very big kitchen....actually I don't have a very big house! So you gotta make do with what ya got sometimes!   

This is the side of my refrigerator.  Surprisingly I got my chalkboard sticker at a local grocery store! It was under $3 too! I ♥ it!  My husband has a horrible weird schedule and it helps me to write it out weekly.  Now yes there is a regular calendar but again my husband doesn't even go by that! (That's the calendar his mom got him for Christmas....he loves big trucks!!)  I was taping the calendar to the frig but I found a magnetic calendar holder at Current for around $13 that looks so much nicer!  It's just a basket with a hook to hang the calendar.  Current also has holders that hang on the wall that are a frame with the hook and a basket at the bottom, that's the kind my sister has. Of course, a notepad is essential!  I try and write down the grocery list as items come to my mind.  The clip holds my husband's schedule, we look at it often, I even carry one in my purse for scheduling purposes, yes it's crazy! (He works 4 days, then has 4 days off; 12 hour shifts and it keeps rotating so he never has the same day off! See? Yuck! But praise Jesus he has a job!) And lastly, cute hanger for our extra keys courtesy of my momma when we got married!

As you can week isn't over! Got a party to plan!!

Happy Thursday!!

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TriGirl said...

Hey there. Stopping by from the Creative Blogger Hop. It looks to me like you have everything you need right there on your fridge..perfect! Hope your week went well, especially the party for your parents :)