Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vintage Gwen Chapel-Happy Easter!

As we celebrate Easter this weekend wanted to share something I recently learned about offerings in the Bible.  From my devotion..."When in the Old Testament during a sacrifice, when the animal was completely consumed by fire, the sacrifice was called a 'holocaust'.  When only part of the animal was burned, it was considered a "peace offering", intended to restore communion with God."-Ann Spangler

I didn't realize there was a 'holocaust' sacrifice....if I've heard this before I sure didn't remember it.  So when I read about it my Spirit wheels started turning.  A few definitions of holocaust: 1.great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life, especially by fire, 2. a sacrificial offering that is consumed entirely by flames.
I then looked up the definition of peace offering:  something given to an adversary in the hope of procuring or maintaining peace. 

So if I'm to offer my life to God, it needs to be a holocaust, not a peace offering!  He wants our life to be burnt whole till all that remains is Him.  After all, Jesus became the ultimate offering, overcoming our sin and securing our eternity.  He deserves all of me!  And in my opinion, when I'm burnt whole, I'm a better wife and mother.  A better child of God!!

I wish each and everyone you a Blessed Easter weekend!

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