Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspired Cross Tray

Ever since I saw the Easter Silhouettes that Tatum of K.I.S.S.{Keep It Simple, Sister} did I've been wanting to make some with a cross.  And of course paint them pink instead of cream.  And before seeing them I was actually challenged by Chiara of Calico and Cupcakes.  She had mentioned that it seemed like we don't see alot of Inspirational Easter decor.  So I thought about what I had out....not Inspirational and wanted to remedy that before Easter.  So thanks girls for the inspiration and challenge!
To complete my mission I first needed to acquire a substance that I've never worked with before......Mod Podge!  I know! I know! Alot of my crafting has been jewelry and purses!  I waited till I could use a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to make my purchase.  Used Ballet Slippers (again) to paint the $1 trays and cut crosses out of 3 different fabrics. 




Question...I put Mod Podge on both sides of the that the usual procedure?  I'm excited to be a Mod Podge Newbie!!

Why make 4 you ask?  I gave them to the lovely ladies I call Momma, Sis and Sis in Law!  And I kept the leftover.........
Yay for the Cross!! I will definitely make it my mission next year to add more Inspirational Easter decor!
That little egg I got from my Secret Sister at church! So cute!  And I had to show you what else she got me.....
Put little cutie by my flag.....hey! I did have something Inspirational!!
Do ya see that Oklahoma wind in there?

Have a Happy day!


Chiara said...

Aw! Thanks for the shout out! I love these trays--and you mod podged like an expert--both sides of the fabric! : ) I love your cross flag too--I need to go find one.

Natalia Lynn said...

So cute! I love easy cute projects like these!