Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Show and Tell-Easter Outfit

I'm showin' and tellin' today!  A couple of weeks ago I shared a cute Old Navy dress as a Darling.  I was thinking about getting it for Easter Sunday.  I was telling my sis about it and she advised me to wait and to try the dress she had bought from Ross.  It didn't fit her well and she was thinking it'd work for me.  Well it did! She also had bought a sweater from Kohl's to go with it.  Which worked as well!! So how about that? Easter dud shopping done by my very own personal shopper! And no one better than my wonderful sis!!!
Now I hope you're thinking this is wonderful....I'm happy to say it gets better!  Just see for yourself......

Yes! That says $1.99!!  Granted the original price was $8.99 but still! 
And it's my favorite color!! Pink!  The sweater was almost a steal too....sis paid $8!  Originally $44!!  What can I say? Sis is a blessed shopper!! Thanks sis!!
(Sorry not much on modeling!)
So I'm thinkin' a $9.99 +tax Easter outfit was so worthy of Show and Tell!!

Have a Happy Day!

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Confeftions Couture Cakes said...

Now thats the kinda deals I get excited about! Around here we have a store called "Dirt Cheap" They mostly get returned or salvage items from other stores like Target and Kohls, but I have lucked up and found clothes from Guess, BCBG, lots of Ed Hardy :D (SP?)