Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soiree Day!-Party Supply Resources

It's Tuesday and that means it's Soiree Day!!  Today I thought I'd share a couple of resources.  I like unique but I also like affordable!
is a cute, cute Big Cartel shop. (Big Cartel is similar to Etsy.) I love their unique items!
Plastic Vending Capsules
How cute are these? These have unique written all over them!

Ice Cream Cups
Even they way these come packaged is adorable!

Petite Treat Stands
I'm a sucker for any kind of stand.  These are under their Hostess Gift section and I would have never of thought of this as such but think it's brilliant!

is a threefold site.  Ideas, products and their blog, where they share what people like you and me do with their products. 
Knotted Pick
What a fancy substitute for the toothpick!!

Wood Berry Box
This pretty Mother's Day idea is on their blog.  And right now when you make a purchase they will email you free printables like these......

And lastly...
They have a great selection of solid color paper goods!  And if you need a lot and have to have a pattern then mix in a solid from the Dollar Tree to help cost.

And they have square plates too...I'm partial to square!

Dump Truck Foil Balloon
Flower Shaped Foil Balloons
They also have a great selection of balloons!  My Lil Hunkie loves balloons and when I was shopping at the Dollar store recently he had to have one...it's just a $1.  Then about a week or so later my Hunkies and I were in Walmart and what's the first thing Lil Hunkie wants.....a balloon! So being the good Dada that he is, Big Hunkie forks out $2.75 + tax for basically the same thing!!

So there you are....some resources that maybe you didn't know about or forgot about!  Would love to hear your resources!!

Happy Soiree Day!

Photos courtesy of Shop Sweet Lulu, Garnish and the Dollar Tree


Unknown said...

Hey Gwen, I gave you the Versatile Blogger award on my blog, go check it out :)
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Sweet Little Smoothie said...

Oooh thanks for all that inspiration! Such a great round up! I've never seen those vending capsules - what an awesome favor those would be!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Stevie!!
I agree Sweet Little Smoothie!! Thanks for stopping by!

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Sooo cute! I'm off to check out some of these stores now, can't resist!