Monday, April 25, 2011

A Rare Occasion......

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!
Today I'm getting to do something special.  When I started this blog I knew I would not be sharing very much about my personal life.  My husband is a very private person....and out of respect for him there's not been a whole lot of pictures nor a whole lot about my personal/day to day life.  Vintage Gwen is about my creative side with crafts, baking, devotions and such.  But!  My husband and I were recently talking about how we met and he made the comment that it was Divine Intervention and indeed it was! My response was, is that we kinda have a cool story and that I'd like to share it with my new blogging friends and he said ".....Ok. But no pictures!"  So I'm taking what I get and getting to share really what I consider to be my testimony of my God given mate!

Courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

So over the next few Mondays (we'll see how long it takes me to share the story!) I'll be sharing our Divine Intervention!  I'm so excited!!  And I want to tell the whole story so today I just wanted to get you excited with me!  There is a document that I couldn't find before sitting down to write this post and I really want to find starts my journey into a long season of single hood and looking for 'the right one'.
So pray I can find it and stay tuned!!!

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