Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Soiree Day-The Gender Reveal Party

Whoever thought this theme up is a genius!! I wished I would have done this with Lil' Hunkie!! I am definitely going to do it the next time for a few reasons....it will 99% be my last baby and out of the 7 grandkids my parents have only one is a girl.  And so I'm pretty positive everyone else is done having kids so I'm praying real hard that #2 is a girl!!
All the gender reveal parties I have seen have been so awesome!! Here's a sampling...

Love the soft, vintagey feel to this party.  And I love the idea of the inside of the cake to reveal if it's a baby boy or baby girl!
Photo courtesy of The Pretty Blog

This party is so clever!! The foods are based upon cravings....salty, sweet, sour...
A box of balloons was used to reveal the gender...not even the expecting parents knew!
Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas

I love all the details of this one!! It might have to be my inspiration!!
Photos courtesy of On to Baby
{This by the way is a pretty cool site!}

As soon as we sell our house and get a bigger one then it will be time for #2!! Actually I'm ready right now {cause I'm not getting any younger!} but we have no room!!
Anyone want to buy a house?

Happy Soiree Day!!

PS. I won a blog design from Ashley at Eisy Morgan!!  I love what she has done!! Please don't mind the work in progress!!


Marilyn said...

Hi girlie.. I nominated you for "Versatile Blogger" award!! Stop in and have a looksey.. : )) You INSPIRE ME and I can always come by and splurge in fun and creativity here..So talented.. ~Xo Marilyn

Lindsay said...

Everything you posted is SO pretty! I love the first cake, it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing, as always. One day I will throw a party of this caliber! :)

Brandy J. said...

These are some seriously adorable ideas!! Thanks for the fab inspiration.

Lolly Jane said...

just in time for preggo Kristi to enjoy all things baby. love it.

thanks for the feature too, grabbed a button (: and love the new look!


Natalia Lynn said...

My brother and sister in law did the cake thing with both kids (still preggo with the second) But with the baker didn't put enough frosting and we could barely tell when they cut into it! It was funny. The second one was much better. Cute ideas though!

Jennifer said...

@ Brandy J..Thanks girl!!