Sunday, October 30, 2011

Project Pink

Today is a special post.  I'm joining Marilyn of The Artsy Girl Connection for Project Pink.  Friday I paid a special pink tribute to one of my grandmothers who had breast cancer and beat it.
{Find the link to it below.}
Today I'd like to honor my mother in law, who has also beat breast cancer.  She's a strong woman!  If she lived closer I'd like to start a little soiree tradition that'd be a smaller version of one of these:

Collection For A Cure at Amy Atlas
Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas.

Hope for a Cure at Frog Prince Paperie
Photo courtesy of Frog Prince Paperie.

Pink Ribbon Dessert Table at Amy Atlas
Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas.

A tradition that I can do and am going to start {yes I should have done it already!} is to send her a card in the mail.  I love getting cards in the mail! And even though it's a simple gesture I know it'll touch her heart.  I'm going to start with this pretty awesome printable...
Photo courtesy of Vale Design
.'s at Vale Design and is free to download!

Have you posted about breast cancer lately? Have you crafted, baked, cooked, photographed, painted your finger nails, bought some pink goodies or wrote a special 'pink' post recently?  Then link up with us!!

{All photos found via Pinterest.}

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Marilyn said...

These are awesome findings Jen.. thank you SO much for joining in today.. I sincerely appreciate it.. You are and have always been so awesome.. TY :)) Wishing you an amazing weekend.. Sincerely -- Marilyn