Monday, September 12, 2011

Soiree Day-Wedding at The Mayo Hotel

When one is invited to a wedding at The Mayo Hotel, one must go, for there might not be another chance!
And boy am I glad I did!  See, I looked in to getting married there and it wasn't in my budget.  Thus my excitement at being a guest!
So only armed with my camera phone(I just wasn't sure if I wanted to take pics...silly me! And I definitely wanted permission and you never know..) and Retro Camera app set on The FudgeCan, I snapped some pics and kindly asked the groom for permission to share...thanks Mr. Newlywed for granting what may have been a weird request!

The Crystal Ballroom
The ceremony was in an adjacent room...similarly decked out!

 The biggest {and pretty!} wedding  cake I've seen in person! 
 Sweet Table
There were some yummy candies on this table!  And something I had yet to see in all my party site browsing.....
 .....olives on a sweet table? I actually thought "Somebody messed up!" and then I looked closer at the tag....chocolate covered almonds that look like olives!!! Oh so clever!! As well as their container!
 Chocolate Fountain
This might have taken the place of a groom's cake as I didn't ever see 3 year old nephew loved this!
 Ok first of all, I didn't realize some of these pics are blurry, don't shoot me! Second of all, yes these are my plates of dinner!  As I said, might not get this chance again so I wanted to taste everything!!  And that's au jus on the prime rib! It was tasty! I didn't quite eat it all.......
 The beautiful bathroom!! I just knew you'd want to see it!! ☺
 And lastly, there was a fun photo booth for guests to enjoy! What can I say? I wanted to have fun!!  This is my momma, one of my brothers, and his wife....her cousin was the groom.  My brother did an excellent job ushering!!  Isn't he cute?! He doesn't ever wear a 'monkey suit' so I had to take advantage of the opportunity!

And here's some photos courtesy of The Mayo Hotel...



The Mayo Hotel is on the National Register of Historical Places and is truly one of Tulsa's best feature.
In it's hay day, it had hosted guests such as President John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, and Babe Ruth!  It has been restored and not only is it a premier event location but also offers 70 residences!
Pretty cool for my neck of the woods!!

And that, my dears, was my weekend fun!!
Happy Soiree Day!!

Don't forget!! Tomorrow is I ♥ Etsy Day and there's a GIVEAWAY!!
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Come and join the festivities!!!


Kristin said...

What a beautiful place! Love those almond olives!

Lindsay said...

Gorgeous! What a beautiful setting! I would love to visit there for sure!

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