Friday, August 5, 2011

Darling Day-Birthday Edition!

Do you remember that on Monday will begin my August Bash?
It's a week long bash to celebrate 2 my 100+ followers....yippee!....and my little ole' birthday which is Sunday!!!  Double yippee!  I have some fun planned and will announce the details on Sunday!
Hint: each day I'll highlight a prize which will be gathered up at the end of the week and put in my Bash Bag to which one lucky person will win!
So to start my Birthday weekend I thought I'd share the Darlings I have on my list.  Yes I have a list!  It's makes life easier!  And regardless of what Hunkie thinks I don't expect to get everything on the list!
The one I have is dingy so it's way past time for a new one! But I can't decide on this lace design or one that's pink and sparkly.....
Photo courtesy of Wireless Emporium

I would love to add this to my Cupcake and Whoopie Pie makers!!

Photo courtesy of Babycakes

I recently made a hair stop flat ironing it all the time!  So I'm trying to be more creative with my locks and am thinking this might help! Does anyone have experience with one of these? I'd love to hear!!

Photo courtesy of Conair

New Tunes!
I ♥ music!!
These guys are awesome!
Photo courtesy of Hillsong United

This guy is fairly new to me, introduced by my Pastor {who is such a cool guy!}, his songs are like singing Scripture! A great thing to do!
Photo courtesy of Aaron Keyes & Itunes

I can't wait for the family dinner Sunday evening!!

And don't forget!!

Happy Darling Day!


Natalia Lynn said...

oh how fun! When is your birthday? Mine is August 9th! Happy birthday week!

Lindsay said...

Wow, lots of exciting things happening around here! I hope you have a great birthday weekend!

Sharde said...

nice to meet you gwen! have you ever tried no-heat curls? if you have white-people-hair (sorry for lack of better term, i don't have white people hair lol) then you could totally do these no heat curls... look it up on youtube! seriously it works and its pretty awesome. saves a lot of damage on your hair!

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