Friday, August 3, 2012

Nail Polish Swap & Nail Stamper Reviews

Remember the nail polish swap I joined? Well I get to show off what my partner sent me today! And while at it I thought I'd do a little review on the nail stamper I recently got! So it's all about nails today!

Nail Polish Swap
My partner was Kailyn of Wandering Free.  I love what she sent me! I'm fairly new to Essie so she basically started me off with Plumberry and Mojito Madness! And then a new nail kit that's going straight to my purse! 

This was so fun and only the 3rd bloggy swap I've done. I really wouldn't mind doing this again soon! 
Thanks to Jenn and Whitney! They were awesome hosts!
And thanks Kailyn, love my goodies girlie!


About a week ago I purchased a Salon Express Nail Stamper.  I was somewhat familiar with nail stamping since seeing a commerical for the Konad a long time ago.  Well through the nail swap and some of the coolest manis there are on Pinterest I started doing some research.  First of all the tools are inexpensive from what I can tell.  Mine was $6.50 at Big Lots! I had planned on ordering one soon but was out and about and stumbled upon it so no waiting for happy mail! I've only used it twice but really do like what is achieved with it!  

I used my new Essie Plumberry and then with the polka dot design used Sally Hansen's Bride to Be.  The dots turned out to be light which I wanted and the pattern turned out better this time.
Here's what I know thus far:
*It's gonna take practice!!* 
Several comments on Pinterest was "it doesn't work".  Well there's a motion to it that will have to be mastered.  Basically a rolling type motion, and whatever motion you use to take the polish off the plate you need to use putting it on your nail.  Also someone said that you have to clean the plate after each application to a finger. I did not do that at all and had no problem.
*The type of polish you stamp with matters!!*
Since both times I didn't have true nail art polish, that maybe why I didn't have to clean after each application. Maybe not.  The booklet says to use 'nail art' polish which is basically a thicker formula. {I think!} It will be trial and error.  If you're like me and enjoy having your nails painted then you won't tire of finding what works best!
*There are different size plates!!*
One thing I noticed about the first design I stamped was it really wasn't wide enough to cover my nail.  There  is a set of plates you can buy on Amazon called Bundle Monster that has 25 plates for about $22 that are wider.  {Learned this info from Amy at At the Pink of Perfection.} I will probably purchase a set in the near future!

Overall, I like it! And am even thinking about throwing a kit in my Bash Bag!
Who would like to win one?
I'll be announcing the Bash details on Sunday! Can't wait!

Happy Friday!!

{*I was not paid to review the nail stamper.  I'm excited about my new toy and thought I'd share my experience!*}

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