Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Soiree Day-Crazy About Color

I don't know about you but when planning or brainstorming (Remember that from school? I still do it!) color always plays a part!  I wanted to share some sites today that are great tools for planning!
{Of course there's always Pinterest but these specific sites are fantastic and deserve to be used just as much!}

Image courtesy of Design Seeds
I love this palette from The Sea category!! So modern to me!

Image courtesy of letschipit.com
This is too cool! You can upload an image or use an url and it will pull colors from your inspiration photo and basically give you a paint chip! You probably already new about this I bet!

Board courtesy of Photo Card Boutique/Image courtesy of Style Me Pretty
Yes this is a photo card business but the owner creates very lovely "Color Crush Palettes"!

I've suggested The Perfect Palette before.  Seems like she's been around a while and definitely knows what she's doing!! I used her site for color references for my blog designs!

Know of any other sites? I'd love to hear about them!!
Here's to your next reason to plan a party!!

Happy Soiree Day!

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Unknown said...

I always wondered how people came up with those awesome color pallets! :) Thank you for sharing!