Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vintage Gwen Chapel-Journaling

I am loving the #SheReadsTruth community! {I think I've said that already somewhere!}  It has really helped me with my devotion time and the latest study really is keeping me charged.  I have never been one to journal.  I know it can be very beneficial but it just never really appealed to me. One aspect of the #SheReadsTruth community is sharing.  And there are some ladies out there that have been sharing their excellent journaling skills! Well I got inspired and was ready to give journaling a try starting with the current plan to see what kind of difference it would make. 

Got this cute notebook and colored ink pens from Target, spent about $5.

This was my first day and day #6 of the Photo A Day Challenge I do.

 4th Day, I collaged with "focus" from Textgram in Diptic.  
How about that eye & foot! Ha!

I'm not going to lie...journaling with colored ink is like adult coloring!  It has been very calming!!
It has been a week now and I can tell a huge difference!  Journaling and creating a pic to share what I get out of the day's reading is really speaking to the creative part of me. And I love that I'm connecting God to what He's blessed me with!

Here's today's share...

What helps you with your devotion time? What's your take on journaling?

Happy Sunday!

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