Friday, August 31, 2012

Chic Couture-The Balm's Shady Ladies

Happy Friday!
Been meaning to share a recent deal I splurged on!  About a month ago The Balm offered all 3 of their Shady Lady eye palettes for the price of one!  I love their Nude'Tude palette and really wanted to try some of their other shadows.  So splurge I did!

I'm loving them! With an eye primer they stay the whole day.  And there are no real extreme sparkly ones either, mattes and shimmers really.  And they all have fun names!! Like Jet-Setting Jennifer and Guilty Gwen, oh my!

Shady Lady

Shady Lady 2

Shady Lady 3

Aren't they fun? 

Hope you have a happy weekend!

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~julee~ said...

I've never heard of The Balm. So many pretty colors. I'll have to check them out!