Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Soiree Day-Vintage Barbie Party

Who doesn't love a Vintage Barbie Party? Someday I just may have one! 
But until then, this one will do! Mary Kathryn of Matthews Family Happenings gave her daughter a Barbie/Shoe party...sounds perfect to me! But what's also great about this soiree, is that Mary Kathryn used things she already had and some thrifty items and it turned out fabulous!

The white memo board she got at Hobby Lobby for 66% off due to a small crack....can you see the crack? Me neither!   The Barbie silhouettes came from an Etsy shop.  And great idea to use a special book to decorate with!

Cute cupcake stands came from Target's after Easter sale.  I'm diggin' her thriftiness!

Frames, flowers and vase she had.  And she made the little girl silhouette...goes perfect with the other silhouettes!!

And this I adore and made me wonder why I don't have one! 
Yes it's a Hallmark ornament!
Photos courtesy of Matthews Family Happenings

These are just some highlights, she has some great tips that you should check out!
Mary Kathryn had A Very Hungry Caterpillar party for her other daughter on the same day!
There are more tips from this Super Mom!
I must say these parties are great inspirations!!

Happy Soiree Day!!


Unknown said...

Super cute! What girl wouldn't love to have a party like this?

Lindsay said...

This is absolutely adorable! What a fabulous party! So much love went into it, that is for sure!