Friday, July 22, 2011

Darling Day!

I hope you enjoy this week's Darlings as much as I enjoyed pinning them and making them some of my favs!!

Make Your Own Baker's Twine!
by The Frugal Crafter
I just had to know how to do this! It's a brilliant idea!

I love these! It's a new twist on everything cute on a stick!

Laptop Table
by Midwestern Sewing Girl
This is so cool....I'd like to have one when there's not little hands to grab everything!
It used to be a vanity and the transformation is a must see!

I am loving seeing embroidery hoops used as decor!  This is by far one of the best one's I've seen! With all the fabulous fabrics offered now just think of all the possibilities!!

as seen on Polyvore
Do you remember Friendship Bracelets? Well I sure do! And I made them!  So when I saw these cool updated versions I immediately started to think how I could recreate them!

Photos courtesy of their respective sites and Pinterest.

See? Weren't they fun!!??

Happy Darling Day!!

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Kristin said...

Thank you from Homespun With Love for featuring our Blueberry Muffin Skewers in your weekly Darlings, yous are a "Darling"!! :)