Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I ♥ Etsy-Tea Party Pendants

Over the weekend, my mother and I loaded up Lil' Hunkie and went to a craft show here in town.  I was a little excited since I hadn't been to one in a while and wanted to do some scoping know get some inspiration!
Well no such luck on the inspiration but we did meet a very nice man selling his wife's glass tile pendants.  And through conversation, they of course have an Etsy shop, Tea Party Pendants.

They offer a vast variety of pendants, do custom orders and prices are terrific!! 
Here's the one that made it home with me and I already wore to church!

$5 which included one chain, $2 extra for the second chain.
Pretty lovely for $7!!

Here's a few others I liked...

These next two I found online...I love the charms!  And if the ring had been present on Saturday, I would have made it all mine!!

Photos courtesy of Tea Party Pendants

I think these are so great, especially since you can custom order just about anything...even a photo!
I'm thinking about a Vintage Gwen one!!
Wouldn't that be fun?!

Go check out Tea Party Pendants today!!

Happy I ♥ Etsy Day!!

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Kristin said...

Very pretty! Yeah, you should do a Vintage Gwen necklace!