Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013 Fall Mantle & Give Thanks Banner

Happy Thursday lovelies!
I gotta tell ya....I'm excited about my Give Thanks Banner! I switched out my mantle last week from Halloween to Thanksgiving (or Fall).  I kept thinking "that mantle sure could use something else."  So I knew I wanted to do some kind of banner and in a crafting magic moment whipped one out in about 20 minutes yesterday! Why yes I'm tooting my own horn! Why? Because I free handed my words! 

All I used for the banner was glitter scrapbook paper, well it was more like cardstock but it was 12x12, 4x6 blank notecards, paint, and mod podge.  I drew the letters on the back of the glitter paper then cut out. Next, with pencil I wrote out 'give' and then went over it with a metallic brown paint.  Glued on the letters and done! Had it all on hand too! And tiny clothespins are my way of cheating to hang banners!

And besides the banner,  there's no new decor....I just used all this in a new way!
Not gonna makes me smile!

How's your Thanksgiving decorating going? 
Have a happy day!

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meg said...

so awesome! aaaand totally cracked me up bc i just finished my "give thanks" bunting... which i free-handed my letters as well and also hung them with mini clothespins! haha. i'm posting a tutorial tomorrow on my blog. good minds think alike ;)