Friday, November 8, 2013

Chic Couture-October Beauty Boxes

Well I'm a little late sharing my October Beauty Boxes! The end of October/first part of November is busy for us with Halloween and then Lil' Hunkie's birthday on the 3rd. Whew! 
Here's my October goodies....

This box had cool addons! Beatrix is a multi size glitter in black and gold, Casper is glow in the dark, and Ciara is a pretty magenta with teal micro glitter.  All fun! I also got Cleopatra which is a black latex finish and it is cool as well! I haven't worn Valerie yet, it's a teal with iridescent micro glitter, but I will soon! And lastly, the beauty product was a kajal eyeliner which is great!
I had to skip November's box because it just wasn't in the budget and really there was only one polish I was interested in that was an addon only.  Well low and behold it was in the secret store so I was able to get the one thing I wanted! I'll share it on Instagram! 

So I have only used 2 of my Ipsy items...the brush and the mineral eyeshadow.  The eyeshadow I really like, it's very pigmented and such a pretty color, I got the berry shade. So of course the other item I used was the brush! Which is a great brush! While I like Zoya, I feel like the Ruffian polish I got from Birchbox is pretty much the same color so I might be gifting it, we'll see. And both the Spray Clay and body lotion sound great, I'll have to bust them out soon!

So again, I've only used 2 of these items! Honestly I am tired of getting sunscreen! I've got to go and updated my beauty profile! The Pop lip gloss is fun, it has a different applicator that I think is kinda's a paddle, no brush, no sponge.  I tend to wear lip gloss over a lipstick and don't like getting a sponge or brush messed up.  And then the perfume, Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanquine, was nice. Not sure if I'll use the other two items or not. And I will use the chap stick when the current one I'm using is gone!

All in all, another fun month of beauty!
How were your boxes?

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Happy Friday!

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Unknown said...

Wow! Such nice beauty boxes I can see. I love the quotation up there. The creation of beauty is no doubt the biggest bliss and it takes a lot to get to that level :)

Love this post x
Jessica x