Thursday, November 21, 2013

{Guest Post} Jessica from 4 Interior Design

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Excited to have a guest all the way from the UK today!
 Jessica blogs at 4 Interior Design and shares some lovely interior design ideas.  
Today, she's giving us tips on how to decorate for Fall just in time for Thanksgiving next week!

Charming Ways to Achieve Classy Fall Decor
Fall is a dreary, grey time of year, with the leaves first putting on a glorious display, then sadly falling and turning into black oozing slime, slippery underfoot and unpleasant to the nose! Make sure that your home is bursting with autumn charm this year, by switching out your summer décor for autumnal elegance and appeal.
Seasons within a Season

Fall is the time of year when we celebrate Harvest Festival, followed by the sweetly spooky delights of Halloween. Thanksgiving in the USA follows, reminding us all of everything that we should feel blessed about. Christmas arrives in the middle of winter, a burst of joy, goodwill and bonhomie to relieve the unrelenting chill and gloom of the season. Allow each of these sub-seasons a place in your home décor, even if it means that you are changing decorations and ornaments every month or so! Harvest speaks of plentiful food and can be celebrated with laden fruit bowls or even an attractive cornucopia spilling its bounty over the sideboard or table.

If the lurid orange of pumpkins, so prevalent for both Harvest Festival and Halloween does not appeal to you, purchase some of the elegant white pumpkins that are periodically seen in stores. If you are arty, you can pick out the pumpkin with silver elements, creating a surprising ethereal and delicate look, perfect for charming décor, while still acknowledging the bounty of nature! 

Wreath Around
Make not one but several fall wreaths. The first should be packed with berries, seeds and leaves that have changed their colour early. Soaking the leaves in glycerine for a day or two will keep them in good condition for several months, so you will not have brown leaves withering away and ruining your décor. The second wreath should focus more on emphasizing the beauty of autumn leaves with little other ornamentation necessary. 

At this bleak time of year it is nice to commemorate togetherness, either as part of a large family or with a group of friends or even colleagues. Arrange your furniture so that everyone feels part of a large community, rather than permitting the gathering to break off into smaller cliques and sub-groups. Creating a large open eating space will ensure that everyone is brought together, to eat, talk and relax as equals.

Décor and Accessories
Treat yourself to some whimsical and delightful autumnal tablecloths and placemats to change the mood of the dining table – or make them yourself! Add touches of seasonal charm to accessories and ornaments, introducing a subtle acknowledgement of the positives of this changeable season. 

Choose your new odds and ends by deciding, before purchase, on the theme that you want for your autumn décor. Do you want simple yet stunning elegance? Or do you prefer a touch of whimsy that looks pretty and fresh? Once you have a theme in mind, you can set about finding or making the perfect accessories and products that will help you to achieve the desired look.

Terrific tips!! Thanks  Jessica!  
Be sure and visit Jessica's blog for more decorating tips!!

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